[UPDATE] Like Swallows To Capistrano

Compo Beach, 6:30 this morning:

Hurry! Don’t be late!


And, at 7 a.m.:



14 responses to “[UPDATE] Like Swallows To Capistrano

  1. Tom Feeley Sr.


  2. Gil Nathan

    I find your article and continued posting on this “issue” annoying. This isn’t a problem!! I believe that you are inventing an “issue” that doesn’t exist. We are a small town and families setup areas to have a place to meet. The parking passes that we all buy and support PAL with don’t allow you to get to the beach and park until 4pm. Would you rather everyone try and find an area to sit, hang out, and eat for 4 hours all at once? I’m sure that would create chaos and result in some actual issue. Frankly it doesn’t make a bit of sense. I have been in Westport for almost 10 years and not once have I found people at the beach to be obnoxious. Everyone is incredibly inclusive! I will agree that commandeering of any tables or covered areas isn’t fair and cannot be staked out. Otherwise, I think you should relax and enjoy the holiday with your Westport neighbors!! This is a great town event that everyone can enjoy. Let us all focus on the positive!

    • Jeff Arciola

      Well Gil as a fourth generation westporter it was never like this. Your still are a newbie so I would relax about Dan. It is wrong and shows what arrogance and entitlement some westporters have. He is only talkng about fireworks night. Keep up the good wrk Dan.

  3. Tom McGuire

    Yes, it’s summer

  4. Kevin McCaul

    Dan, keep posting photos of early hoggers. Don’t let other commenters get to you.

    • Nope. I’ve been chastised too much here. I don’t want this to turn into a vitriolic day. However, I’ve received several photos after posting this. By 8:30 am, several people reported, “This is ridiculous.”

      • Rich Rosier

        Perhaps some people who get out to the beach early are saving themselves a spot because they know by the time they get off from work (some people aren’t able to take today off), sit in lovely Fairfield County traffic to get home and then in traffic again to get to the beach there will be no room for them because of all the tables, tents, large groups and the sheer number of people. Has anyone bothered to consider that or is outrage being expressed because the assumption is that anyone in Westport who would do such a thing is an entitled jerk? Just askin’.

        • Rich Rosier

          Just to be clear, I am not chastising you, Dan, or anyone else for that matter. Just making the point that there may be more to things then just a pure visual. Except when it comes to not being able to park your car between the lines. That’s just unacceptable.

        • Russell Gontar

          Wait. It almost sounds as if you’re making the case for folks to stake out beach footage for themselves early in the day because of all the folks who have staked out beach footage for themselves earlier in the day. I’m getting deja vu all over again.

  5. Jack Harder

    I would think that the tent on the beach would be a problem.

  6. Gil Ghitelman

    Hey Dan,
    Don’t take any guff that’s being dished out. You’re our man!

  7. Tiffany Davidson

    I’d like to thank you, Dan, because I had never heard about the swallows that migrate each year from Argentina to Mission San Juan Capistrano! Thank you for the inadvertent lesson! 🐦 Happy 4th!