Happy 3rd Of July!

Sure, the beach was crowded — particularly the Soundview section, nearest the lot. But there was room for everyone. 

Little kids bought sparklers, jumped off the lifeguard stands, and got lost.

Bigger kids roamed up and down with friends. They did what teenagers do, and have always done before, during and after the fireworks.

Families of all ages picnicked and partied. The Cobras from New Jersey danced up a storm. The weather was gorgeous. The fireworks rocked. 

Once again, our July 3rd celebration was Westport at its best. 

Now enjoy the 4th!

It’s not the 4th of July without Andrew Colabella.

For a kid, it doesn’t get better than this.

Westport’s finest were out in force.

USA! (Photo/Dylan Chatterjee, 8th grade)

One of hundreds of picnics.

The Cobra dance and drum team wowed the crowd.

The beach scene, from a Soundview party.

2nd Selectman Jen Tooker and 1st Selectman Jim Marpe flank Marpe’s son-in-law.

The inside of Doc Davidson’s Bradley Street fence shows Ebbets Field — perfect for a cookout.

Low tide, beach toys, strollers — and the barge.

Eric Berniker celebrates America. The beer belly and tattoos are fake. (Photo/Jen Berniker)

Lots of porta-potties — but still long lines. (Photo/Rick Benson)

Stars and stripes …

… forever. Patti Brill and Tammy Barry. (Contributed photo)

Sparkler fun … (Photo/Rick Benson)

… and glowstick fun (Photo/Jennifer Kobetitsch)

The view from Old Mill Beach. (All photos by Dan Woog, unless otherwise noted)

Fireworks, as seen from Sherwood Drive. (Photo/Stacy Bass)

14 responses to “Happy 3rd Of July!

  1. What a great evening. Thank you to Jim Marpe and Jen Tooker for their leadership, to Melissa and Doug Bernstein for their incredible support – to the men and women of the Westport Parks and Rec – the Police and Fire and EMS and finally to the Dept of Public Works. By 9am tomorrow – the beach will be ready for another day and we won’t know what occurred there the night before.

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Love it, all of it!

    Miss it.

    Thanks Dan!

    Always priceless you are, especially when providing the fireworks photos and commentary … including the before and after’s of this Westport tradition.

    And, hear hear to the PAL, and M & D, too!

    Although I’m no longer residing in my beloved Westport, these are images that I can insert into my own past, and it all comes alive, once again!

  3. Charles Taylor

    Takes me back to the 50’s and 60’s Dan. You are a Treasure and a Westport Icon.

  4. Roberta Tager

    Fabulous coverage!😊⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  5. Phil Bancroft

    So Chairgate is over?

    • Yes. The official consensus: 1) It’s a shame the arms race starts so early, and people take up far more room than they need; 2) Unloading on Soundview leads to double and triple parking, blocking cars and bicyclists and walkers; 3) Without any official Parks & Rec policy, it’s the Wild West; 4) Saving spots on the beach definitely makes it easier for people to get their stuff there, without a massive rush at 5 pm; 5) This is still the town’s greatest party, and 6) thanks to the PAL, Melissa & Doug, Parks & Rec, Police, Fire and EMTs, and everyone else who made it possible, it will continue.

  6. Karen Wambach

    Why in the world did the town lock all of the bathrooms? There were people looking to change their kids on the changing tables, people trying to find somewhere to change out of wet bathing suits…

  7. Eric William Buchroeder SHS ‘70

    I always loved the 4th in Westport. Those sparklers however have always scared me. They burn at over 1000 degrees which is why I flinch when 9-10 year olds run around with them among younger kids or in crowds. I can live with lawful firearms but wouldn’t miss if the sparklers were off the market.

    God Bless Westport. Never start a war but always finish it so our 4ths can continue to be proud ones

  8. Wonderful celebration! I used our handicap pass to park in the lot on the left; dropped my husband who has difficulty walking far as we pulled in. One of the parking guys took him to a bench, then helped him get safely onto the beach. He saw us coming out and again helped! So kind, even telling my husband he’ll see him next year!

  9. Tom Leyden

    Great seeing you Dan…twice…my grandkids especially loved meeting you. She felt she knew you because we talk about you all the time abound the wonderful job you do on O6880, Staples Soccer and things in between…May God bless you m’boy…keep it up

  10. It seems like there were fewer negative interactions between cars, bikers and pedestrians going home this year…. is that the general consensus?