Elvira Mae’s Is Open!

The work is done! The CO has been issued.

Elvira Mae’s is open – until “at least” 10 tonight

The first customers love it. Smiles all around. Stop in and say hi!

New owners Hal and Betsy Kravitz, at Elvira’s.

3 responses to “Elvira Mae’s Is Open!

  1. Karen Como

    Great! I stopped by this morning and it wasn’t so I will be there tomorrow!!!

  2. Totney Benson

    Yay! Welcome to the neighborhood!

  3. Fred Cantor

    We were fortunate to be driving by just after it opened, so we stopped and had a sandwich and some iced coffee–and met some of the owners’ family, who were all pitching in and were very nice. Two thumbs up! And we look forward to future visits.