3rd Of July Photos Needed

Tomorrow is the 3rd of July. Cue the fireworks!

“06880” readers are great at crowd-sourcing Memorial Day photos. Dozens come in. It’s a great way to see the parade, through many different eyes.

Let’s do the same tomorrow. As you get ready for the fireworks — picnicking, painting faces red-white-and-blue, playing with sparklers, claiming huge swaths of sand and tables at 6:30 a.m. — send your photos (email: dwoog@optonline.net). Deadline: 10 p.m. Please include brief identification if needed, and of course your own name.

I’ll post some (not all!) tomorrow.

Be creative! We want special photos, for our special day. Just one request: Go easy on the fireworks photos. No offense, but unless you’re a real pro they all look the same.

This is the kind of photo I’m looking for …

… or this …

… or this.

5 responses to “3rd Of July Photos Needed

  1. John Coniglio

    Make sure there are not pictures of patriotic sneakers!

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  2. John Coniglio

    …no Betsy Ross flags. They have become a racist symbol apparently. God help us all!

    Sent from my iPad John P Coniglio


    • why just no Betsy Ross flags? Any American flags up until 1950 are racist symbols. Chinese American Exclusion Act (1882 – 1943), Interment of Japanese American (1942 – 1946). The rejection of Jewish refugees by FDR. Are you saying discrimination against Chinese American, Japanese American and Jews are not racism??

    • “Political correctness” going way way overboard … Betsy Ross is part of history and should be respected. Are folks going to condemn the very existence of the United States? It would be truly the best way to ruin a country. Reminds me of the Taliban destroying the Buddha of Bamyan. So absurd, so sad.

  3. Cristina Negrin

    Opinions: what is desecration of the flag? (This stuff is all made in China etc, BTW)