Second Storm: The Sequel

As Westport continues to clean up following this afternoon’s storm, over 2,000 customers remain without power.

Lyons Plains Road. (Photo/Marty Jaramillo)

Downed lines and large trees still litter main roads and side streets, causing closures and detours.

(Photo/Les Dinkin)

Many Post Road traffic lights are out. One Westporter said it took her an hour to get from Southport to Compo Beach.

The fast-moving, tremendously intense storm — which roared through just after 2 p.m. — may have been a microburst. That’s defined by the National Weather Service as “a localized column of sinking air (downdraft) within a thunderstorm, usually less than or equal to 2.5 miles in diameter. Microbursts can cause extensive damage at the surface.”

(Photo/Westport Fire Department)

Grace Salmon Park, meanwhile, is in disarray after last night’s storm. Up to half a dozen large trees have been uprooted. One visitor called the Imperial Avenue park “decimated.”

One view of downed trees at Grace Salmon Park … (Photo/Wendy Cusick)

… and another. (Photo/Dalma Heyn)

3 responses to “Second Storm: The Sequel

  1. Sharon Paulsen

    Yep, as I suspected, micro/bursts and down-drafts are the likely culprits of this kind of “hurricane level” damage (as I’d mentioned this possibility in Dan’s earlier posts about these storms, but wasn’t sure if that actually occurred).

    Thanks again, Dan, for awesome reporting on this, day to day, and now it seems, hour by hour.

    You truly are an unstoppable force of nature yourself! (tee hee).

  2. Wendy Cusick

    Thanks for posting Dan.
    I’m hoping the miniature dwarf pine tree in the rock garden survives.
    However, it can always be pruned. I feel bad for everyone without power and the person on Colony Rd off of Roseville Rd whose house was sliced in half!
    Trying to leave Westport through my normal route of Rt 136 was another story. Saugatuck Ave turns in Winfield St right at the border of Norwalk huge tree came down and block both directions. So I took a turn onto Duck Pond Rd and at the intersection of Harbor Rd and Duck Pond Rd another huge tree blocked both directions. Turn around and head back into Westport via Saugatuck, Riverside to Sunrise Rd to Treadwell to Kings Highway/County St and on my way home.
    Norwalk was nailed too (twice). Norwalk Police has a long list of trouble spots.
    The lyric from the song ‘Hotel California’ by The Eagles comes to mind ‘you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave’ 😁 trapped in Westport 😂

  3. Barbara Sherburne, '67

    Wow!!! We had storm warnings this afternoon in Wallingford, but all we got was sort of strong winds and a downpour that lasted about 10 minutes. It was sunny right before that and then after that. I am sorry to hear of all of the damage that happened in Westport. I hope power was restored to those who lost it.