Pics Of The Day #801

So much love in every bite! (Photos/Charlie Taylor)

12 responses to “Pics Of The Day #801

  1. Talk about your Unsung Heroes!! … Gold’s, Jim & Nancy, and everything on that menu … ROCKS!! 😀

  2. Fred Cantor

    Truly one of the quintessential Westport experiences. Charlie, love these pics.

  3. Jim and Nancy and all of the staff at Gold’s are fabulous. Gold’s is a wonderful supporter of our community as well.

  4. Caroline Howe


  5. Tom Duquette, SHS '75

    Corned beef on rye with coleslaw and mustard…heaven.

  6. I feel like I can taste this..yum

  7. Craig Clark

    I now live in NH. My trips back to Westport are few and far between. However, whenever an opportunity strikes, there are four mandatory stops I make in Westport:

    Compo Cove
    Compo Beach

    At Gold’s I will drop at least $100 on bagels, hard rolls and various meats especially corned beef.

    Their corned beef is simply the best. The delis here simply do not come close.

    BTW, they will ship to those of who live “away.”

  8. Richard Fogel

    i cant wait to hear from the diet specialist review thee photos and meals.

  9. Werner Liepolt

    This photo shoot is missing two essentials: picked and cream soda.

  10. Tom Feeley Sr.

    Nothing was better than watching Julius Gold tell a pushy customer to wait her turn back in the day😂

  11. Marguerite Bunny Franco

    OOPS! sent my comments directly to Dan. Will never err again. Everything at Golds is delicious! Food & service; also “chicken soup for the soul” (a bad stomach, a nasty cold)
    Miss Julius & Kenny!
    Current team are also GREAT! Thank you, GOLD’S!

  12. Good to see somethings haven’t changed in Westport!