Staples Graduation: See It Now!

Missed Staples High School’s 132nd commencement exercises on Tuesday?

Or just missed that moment when your favorite graduate got his or her 15-seconds-of-fame diploma?

No problem!

Retired video production teacher Jim Honeycutt was in the fieldhouse, filming the entire ceremony.

It was a model of efficiency: just 1 hour and 45 minutes for faculty and students to walk in, a couple of choir numbers, a few quick speeches, 475 graduates to march across the stage, cap-tossing, and exit.

Still, even though it’s all here, you don’t have to watch every second.

Click below for Jim’s video. Including the fast-forward button.

3 responses to “Staples Graduation: See It Now!

  1. Thank you Dan and Jim for this!

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow, some of the faculty appeared so young, for a second I thought they were students among them! (opening walk at the beginning).

    Crud, growing older is messing me all up! 😂

    Thanks for sharing this video, Dan!

    Now I’m going to go ahead and watch the rest of it, after having my mid-life crisis moment.

  3. Danny! Corny as hell still. But still brings a teat to my eye.