Unsung Hero #103

Alert — and thankful — “06880” reader Karen Murphy writes:

As the school year ended, many of us thanked parents, teachers, bus drivers and school administrators.

Those praises are well deserved. It was a challenging year for all Westport residents, teachers, students and administrators. They pulled together, and showed resilience after Coleytown Middle School was closed in September.

This bump in the road helped me focus on all that we have to be grateful for here. Today I’d like to give a loud “thank you” and shine a light on the traffic duty officers on North Avenue.

This year, like many parents I drove one or both of my kids to Staples at different times of the morning, from 6:30 to 8 a.m. Every day we were greeted by clear and concise hand signals.

These dedicated few helped guide adults on their way to work, parents dropping kids off, teen drivers, bus drivers, delivery trucks and the few students who walked to school through the intricacies of intersections without traffic lights.

For the most part everyone obeyed the hand signals and were attentive to the traffic officers. These officers were there early in the morning, challenged by giant vehicles and in all kinds of weather.

This was the scene on the last day of middle school. Staples graduation looked similar.

I am so appreciative of all the professionals who helped us through the year!

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One response to “Unsung Hero #103

  1. It’s a critical, difficult and, from what I can see, very dangerous job these folks do. I drive by them all the time with a silent thank you.