Chad: Challenger Baseball’s Shining Knight

Chad Knight has a sparkling resume.

Last week the Staples High School senior captained his baseball team to their 2nd state championship in 3 years. In 2013 Chad starred on the Westport squad that reached the finals of the Little League World Series.

He’s been drafted by the New York Yankees — but he’s heading first to Duke University. He’s also an excellent piano player.

Yet one of his many other recent honors — Gatorade Connecticut Player of the Year — led to an especially fine moment.

As part of Gatorade’s Play It Forward Fund, Chad was given $1,000 to pass on to any national or local youth sports organization of his choice.

He chose Westport Little League’s Challenger Division. That’s the very successful program for boys and girls with disabilities.

Chad Knight (rear, center, white shirt) and Challenger commissioner Beth Cody (front, blue shirt) join Challenger players, buddies, and Staples baseball players today.

Chad’s generosity came from the heart. Throughout the years he has served as a “buddy” to the players. He always found time to help out. He loved the youngsters, and they adored him.

In appreciation of Chad’s gift, commissioner Beth Cody announced that Gatorade is the official drink of the Westport Winners challenger team. Today at Meyer Field, she presented Chad with a bottle with his name, number and the Westport Winners name.

Starting this fall, every Challenger player will get one too.

It was a quick, fun ceremony, before Westport took on Norwalk in their final game of the season.

Then Chad headed off to his next celebration: his own graduation party.

In 2014, Chad Knight (right) was a Challenger buddy with Dylan Curran. Dylan is now manager of the state champion Staples baseball team, and still plays with the Westport Winners.

18 responses to “Chad: Challenger Baseball’s Shining Knight

  1. Tiffany Davidson

    Yay, Chad! ⚾️ Congrats on all of your successes!

  2. What an amazing day! Thanks for the great article, Dan. And thanks to our “forever buddy” Chad! What a great kid!!!!

  3. Melissa Crouch Chang

    Thanks to Chad and to all of the Buddies & adults & players who make the team awesome!

  4. No words to describe how awesome this program is and how amazing Beth Cody is for everything she does for our community. Gold Coast Connect is proud to support the challenger program!!

  5. Lorenza Arnal

    It’s a great program! My son is a buddy and has enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks to Chad for setting a great example!

  6. Deborah Trueman

    Such an inspiring story!
    Congratulations to Chad Knight and the wonderful Challenger team.
    So proud of my sister Beth Cody for all of her hard work!

  7. What a great example he sets for our kids! Congratulations Chad Knight for winning Gatorade Connecticut Player of the Year and for choosing the Westport Winners Challenger Team to donate to. We are so lucky we have so many great people involved in and supporting our team.

  8. Jennifer Putman

    We could not be prouder to be part of the Challenger family! And to be part of the incredibly supportive Westport community, including Beth Cody and all of the amazing buddies that come out EVERY week!

  9. Billy Ericson

    What a splendid story! Congratulations to Chad and great work by Beth Cody to make the fantastic Challenger program happen over the years!

  10. Stacie Curran

    Dan, thank you for coving this wonderful story about a dynamite chapter of Westport Little League….an extra special thank you to Chad K., Chris D. & Russ K. for making time over the years to “Buddy” with Challenger and for being here today! Way to go “Commish Cody” and Captain Dylan C.

  11. Nehemiah Gold’Berg

    I’m so proud of the challenger players, coaches, and Beth Cody!

  12. Amazing program! Beth Cody, Chad Knight and all of the player buddies and program supporters are hero’s.

  13. Rhona Lieberson

    Dan, you have captured the true emotion of this event! This group is heartwarming as they Challenge the world by their efforts, energies & smiles!
    Chad deserves the attention he receives as a caring, generous, talented and professional Staples senior moving on to the next level of meeting his goals!!!
    Beth & cohort Stacie, thank you for all you do for this group of exceptional kids!!!

  14. Every time I go to a game and see how everyone has grown in every way
    I quietly thank the Cody boys, Jack and Nick. I am sure that Jack did not start this without consulting with Nick. Very unassuming, modest and bright. Chad has those same qualities. The people that change things for the better are the quiet ones, by pulling strings behind stage. They are both living their lives elsewhere now, but will always be here in spirit.

  15. Chad, Teresa and Craig are a class act! Wishing Chad all the best at Duke!

  16. So happy to read my old hometown values the sport of baseball! Long live baseball in Westport Ct. Great job guys! Thanks for doing something that I would have loved to do! You guys rock!

  17. Jill Rappaport

    This is such an amazing program !
    What a wonderful opportunity for these incredible young athletes with so much heart and soul!
    And a big congrats to the amazing Commissioner Beth Cody, for your heartfelt work and dedication to these great players! BRAVO!!!