Ay, Caramba!

There’s a big parking deck directly opposite the Bartaco parking lot on Wilton Road.

You can see it right there, in the background of this photo.

(Photo/Miggs Burroughs)

You can also see that there is plenty of room. There is one car on the upper level.

But that did not stop this Range Rover driver. Or rather, he did stop in the parking lot — not the deck.

There he is, right next to the “Reserved Parking” sign.

And yes, that’s a parking job. He is not driving. He did not just drop off a passenger. He has not pulled over to text.

He stopped. He parked. He got out.

Or she.

And it isn’t even a decent parking job in the middle of the entrance! Look how far the driver is from the curb!

I need a margarita.

28 responses to “Ay, Caramba!

  1. Marty Howard

    He needs a ticket.

    • Jeff Arciola

      Maybe be happy that maybe they pulled in the parking lot to text or call someone instead of driving and crashing and hurting or killing innocent people. Typical new Westport people. Always finding ways to look down on people.

  2. Midge Deverin

    I guess they thought the reserved parking SIGN WAS FOR THEM!!! lol CHUTSPA, as we say.

  3. Jennifer Mehok

    no way, c’mon!!

  4. Chuck McStocker

    Land of the free, home to the entitled

  5. He wins today’s Lousy Parking Award.

  6. Is it possible the car is not functioning? Especially considering it appears to be left in a lane rather any of the actual parking spots?

    • Matt Murray

      I’m thinking the same as RB. Since Land Rovers are thirsty machines, it probably ran out of gas. 🙂

      • Sure do agree Matt… especially since I’m driving a Land Rover these days. We sure don’t use it for long trips!

  7. Jack Krayson

    Reserved Parking = Entitled Parking

  8. Michelle Benner

    Whether broken down or entitled / oblivious, the car should be towed to allow safe & open passage for everyone.

    • Totally agree Michelle. It is just such a bizarre parking job that it makes me pause. Or maybe this Driver was drinking Dan’s Margarita! 🙂

  9. Can the cops issue a ticket for this? You can clearly see the license plate.

  10. Susan Shuldman

    Perhaps the car is allowed to park in the reserved section in that lot? Perhaps the car is disabled and broke down? Perhaps there is a valid reason why the car is there? Why does everyone jump to spew such mean venom without knowing any circumstances? We teach our children that photos they see on social media are “just a snapshot in time” – maybe adults should view a single photo without any knowledge of the situation the same way.

  11. Dan, what you seem to be overlooking is that if that person had found a legit parking space either in the parking structure or the lot (if they had credentials), then it would have been SEVERAL more steps to get where they are going. Why should they be inconvenienced by thinking about other people? Come on!

    • Jeff Arciola

      Man you new Westporters can be nasty.

      • I’ll assume you are talking about the driver of this car. I’ve lived in Westport for more than 40 years. What’s nasty is having no regard for other people because it would be inconvenient for you to do so. It’s not a Westport thing necessarily, its a common courtesy thing. I see this in other places too. And I see more and more of it on the road every day. It surprises me that many want to give the benefit of the doubt to these people. Is it possible there was a fully legitimate reason for this person to just randomly park in no space, blocking others? I guess, but it is definitely not likely.

  12. Raymond F Skidgell

    Susan I couldn’t agree with you more. I don’t support and Lynch Mob mentality for any reason. Innocent until proven guilty

  13. Karen Abramson

    Should have been easy. The photographer should in this case call the cops and let them decide if the person is disabled and needs help or if they are just feeling entitled. Jeff, your “new Westporter” remark was ridiculous. I’ve lived in Westport for 37 years and have the same reaction to this driver. It’s just a blog so people can say whatever they want to say.

  14. Richard Fogel

    dont assume anything. Who knows what may have happened in this instance. Snap judgement is not wise. Everyone likes to jump on. Perhaps someone may have waited a bit to ask the driver whats up?? Give the driver a chance. Illness, bathroom emergency, received very bad news? Come on

  15. Joyce Barnhart

    To all those who are willing to give the driver the benefit of the doubt – maybe there were special circumstances. But it seems like more than coincidence that these photos are invariably of very expensive vehicles. We poorer folks suspect they are driven by people who think they do not have to follow the rules like the rest of us.

    • Susan Shuldman

      So you believe anyone that choses to purchase a car you deem to be expensive is most likely a self entitled jerk? Sounds like social profiling to me! Plenty of courteous, kind and considerate individuals chose to drive luxury cars in Westport (and elsewhere) and I would not generalize and call them self entitled because of the car they drive!

      • Joyce Barnhart

        Susan, what nerve did I hit? Have you missed previous photos? Are you very tolerant of impolite people, but not of people you disagree with? I didn’t write “anyone”, I didn’t write “jerk”, I didn’t write “self-entitled”, and I did not generalize beyond the drivers in the photos previously posted. You seem very sensitive and argumentative.

  16. I still believe more than likely the vehicle had a mechanical failure. I’ve had it happen to me (fuel pump failure in a BMW). Stuff happens. Thinking this car had a problem, the driver actually did a good job of getting it off Wilton Rd./Route 33.