The Osprey Family Is Proud To Announce …

… the birth of 2 chicks.

Carolyn Doan — whose photos of Westport’s favorite raptor have captivated and educated “06880” readers — reports she saw 2 little heads bobbing in the nest this morning.

“Just barely,” she notes. “They are tiny.”

Mother feeding her chicks, moments ago. (Photo/Carolyn Doan)

The Audubon Society steward saw chicks as well, Carolyn says.

Like 21st-century males everywhere, the father is doing what he can to help. Yesterday, Carolyn photographed him bringing food — a fish tail, she thinks — to their home, near Fresh Market and Terrain.

(Photo/Carolyn Doan)

“06880” readers joyfully welcome the new additions to town.

8 responses to “The Osprey Family Is Proud To Announce …

  1. Yippee! So happy!
    Regency can just forget about ever moving that nesting platform! I hope they’ve gotten that message.

  2. Greg Boosin

    Yes! I thought i heard a lot of chirping a couple of days ago.

  3. David Stalling

    Great photo! Here, in Missoula, Montana, our local osprey are involved in an apparent 21st Century ‘open relationship.’

    “Dr. Erick Greene a wildlife biologist and professor at the University of Montana says there’s a love triangle going on that’s bring some serious bird drama to the Hellgate Canyon. “Every year it’s a soap opera, this year it’s especially exciting and interesting.”

    Read More:

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker

      Thanks for this link. Our son Jeff and his wife Laura were Missoula residents until a year ago. My most exciting bird watching experiences were in Montana. Loved the Osprey’s and watching them dive for fish and we saw both Bald and Golden Eagles. Magnificent birds.

  4. Fantastic news

    Kind Regards

    Peter Swift

  5. Morley Boyd

    Excellent. Let’s name them after a couple of the Regency players…

    • Ick, no thanks, Morley. We can do
      better than that.

      • Morley Boyd

        Of course we could do better. But, hey, what’s better than having a wee bit of sly fun at the expense of those that have earned it? 😉