Pics Of The Day #779

There’s something new at Westport’s venerable Christ & Holy Trinity Episcopal Church.

(Photo/Chip Stephens)

For decades, worshipers have admired the stained glass windows in the sanctuary.

But — as shown above — they’ve been removed for restoration.

Until they’re back in place this fall, beautiful art has been replace by equally gorgeous, ever-changing natural scenery.

If you miss the stained glass (or never saw it): Here’s a photo.

2 responses to “Pics Of The Day #779

  1. John Kelley

    Traditional Congregational Churches (such as Greens Farms and Saugatuck) do not use stained-glass windows but rather clear glass.
    And while synagogues can have stained-glass windows, they aren’t
    supposed to have “graven” images on them.

  2. H. Ranholm

    Greens Farms Church has a beautiful stained-glass window donated to the Church by The Bedford’s. It is the highlight of the Church. It wouldn’t be Greens Farms Church without that window. We love it.