Pre-Applications Available For Affordable Westport Housing

Earlier today, the town sent out a terse email. Headlined “Local Housing Authorities Are Now Accepting Pre-Applications for Affordable Housing,” it read:

Preliminary applications will be accepted beginning on 06/03/2019 AND END with a postmark date of 06/28/2019. Pre-applications received after the end date as postmarked will be automatically rejected.

Please click on the following link for income-eligibility requirements and a download of the pre-applications:

It sounded a bit cryptic. Pre-applications for what affordable housing, exactly?

And who is Millennium Realty?

I clicked the link.

The Millennium Group — headquartered in New Britain — has a handsome website. At the top are photos of 4 beautiful residences. Two are homes that would not look out of place in Westport; 2 are gleaming new apartment buildings.

Turns out Millennium Realty (aka The Millennium Group) manages a wide array of properties — including 4 affordable housing facilities in Westport. They are:

  • Canal Park (50 units; elderly; studio and 1-bedroom)
  • Hales Court (78 units; 1, 2, 3 and 4-bedroom)
  • Hidden Brook (39 units; 1, 2 and 3-bedroom)
  • Sasco Creek (33 units; 2 and 3-bedroom).

That’s 200 units of affordable housing.

Canal Park offers affordable housing for seniors, near downtown.

But why “pre-applications”?

Turns out they occasionally open up wait lists, to fill when vacancies occur. “Pre-applications” are used to screen for initial program eligibility.

So for anyone interested in being screened for a possible eventual spot on a wait list for affordable Westport housing: Click on the link above. You can also pick up a copy at the Westport Housing Authority (5 Canal Street), or call 203-227-4672.

Hales Court also offers affordable housing in Westport.

3 responses to “Pre-Applications Available For Affordable Westport Housing

  1. Matt Murray

    Wandering a bit further, there are maximum incomes in order to apply/rent:
    Single person $50k
    Married/two $57k

  2. Cristina Negrin

    Where is the Westport I knew and loved? If all of this affordable housing is meant for our retiring seniors that’s a good thing but I put my mother on one of these lists while the units across from stop & shop were being built. A Westport tax payer for 40 years after we sold her home that was financially impractical to keep her in with an aid. 5 years later she never lived to see an opening in any affordable unit anywhere in town. I was angry because people from towns around us were being placed in the affordable units and not our local citizens. Who gets to decide who lives in our “affordable” units which are the vehicle that moves huge projects through P&Z? I’m disgusted!

  3. Lane Bolton

    Thanks for the information Dan on affordable housing.