Pics Of The Day #770

A Memorial Day salute (Photo/Carminei Picarello)

Stars and Stripes forever, on the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge. (Photo/David Squires)

Doughboy at Veterans Green (Photo/Dan Woog)

3 responses to “Pics Of The Day #770

  1. These photos are all wonderful, Dan! Congratulations.

  2. Fred Jackson

    Having seen war monuments in many places, both in Europe and the US, I have to say few if any, are as moving as Westport’s Doughboy. To me he sums up much of the horrors and the waste of war.
    May we never have to erect another.

  3. David Squires

    Thanks for the coverage Dan.
    It was the Best Parade Ever (i say that every year),
    and This Time i mean it (i say that every year too)!
    Believe i’ve seen it each year since i carried the Bass Drum for Jack Adams and the Long Lots Junior High Marching Band in the early 70’s (gulp)!
    Proud to live & thrive in The 06880! CELEBRATE EVERYTHING…