Photo Challenge #230

Last week’s Photo Challenge was straightforward.

Molly Alger’s image showed a handsome stone pillar. It’s flanked by a road on one side, and a long, hilly driveway on the other. (Click here to see.)

Westporters drive by it all the time. It’s on South Compo Road, near Park Lane.

Many folks don’t know, though, that it’s the main entrance to Baron’s South.

We — as a town — own that great 22-acre property between South Compo and Imperial Avenue. It’s open sunrise to sunset. Now you know how to get into it.

Andrew Colabella, Seth Braunstein, Jonathan McClure and Amy Schneider already know. They correctly answered last week’s Photo Challenge.

Today’s Challenge honors the many Westporters who have given their lives, while serving our country. If you know where you’d see this inspiring plaque, click “Comments” below.

HINT: It’s NOT at Veteran’s Green, opposite Town Hall. But you should go there tomorrow, immediately after the Memorial Day parade. The brief ceremony is moving, and important. And there you’ll see many plaques with the names of Westporters killed in action. But not this one.

(Photo/Jay Dirnberger)

7 responses to “Photo Challenge #230

  1. Fred Cantor

    By the old Town Hall?

  2. Nope.

  3. Michael Pettee

    assumption church?

  4. At the Joseph Clinton VF W Post on Riverside Ave?
    Michael’s sister Mary died last Oct as reported recently by Westport Now. It was reported that she would be buried along side her parents and brother Michael a paratrooper of the 101st who died in service.
    So a second guess would be the Catholic/ Christ & Holy Trinity cemetery on Kings Highway North where PFC Cherub and his family might be buried.