Pic Of The Day #764

Tim Fielding says: “This fella made it across North Avenue onto my property yesterday. He seems to have come from the wetlands by the Aquarion water tanks, and is heading toward the ones in back of Staples. Very purposeful and surprisingly mobile!”

13 responses to “Pic Of The Day #764

  1. Matt Murray

    If that is a snapping turtle, you’re best to give it a wide berth.

  2. Jim Rodenbush

    Turtles return to the place they were hatched to lay their eggs every year around June first. They commonly live within a few hundred yards of the place they were hatched.

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  4. Jim Rodenbush

    PS if you see a turtle in the next few weeks,don’t try and help it unless it is abouslutely necessary. Also if you see the nest and eggs just let them be. They are subject to predators but even picking up an egg a few inches will ruin its viability

  5. Sherry Jagerson

    Gorgeous. Turtle with s mission!

  6. Werner Liepolt

    This female snapping turtle is going where she wants to in order to lay eggs.

  7. Jim Rodenbush

    she is a young female who is definitely going home

  8. Susan Hopkins

    She’s lovely !

  9. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    If you have ever watched them make a nest and lay their eggs…well it is amazing. It is hard to imagine how they manage. We have a small pond in our back yard and have a larger “lake” just a little farther away. They start our as babies in our pond and eventually out grow it. However we do see the “adults” making their way back to the pond sort of plowing through our flower beds. We joke that Grandma has come back for a visit. Just a note: Most of what is described as “lakes” in our part of Texas are really just overflow for rain fall since we are basically flat.

  10. Jim Rodenbush

    my first real experience with turtles was buying a a home in semi rural Connecticut that had ponds all around us. my now 20 year old son tracked a slow turtle one day to our garden mulch where she buried all but her head and laid eggs. that was 15 years ago i have been a fan since then.

  11. Jill K. Alcott

    A beautiful creature. I wonder if he or she needs assistance finding its way back to its natural habitat?

  12. Skye Payne

    I’ll bet this is not a fella, but a mama urgently seeking a nesting spot for her soon to be laid eggs – I have one who returns to my yard every year, which is what they do. She likely knows just where she wants to go – try not to mow over the yard where she nests so the eggs don’t get shook up 😉