Daria Maya Guards Water Safety

Whenever Daria Maya or her family threw a pool party, they hired a lifeguard. It was a simple matter of safety.

But as she grew up in Westport, she realized not every family was as cautious.

And when the Staples sophomore took a lifeguarding class at the high school this year — part of the physical education curriculum — her teacher told her there are not enough guards to fill demand. At the same time, homeowners who want to hire them don’t know who to ask.

Now they do.

Daria created a website — WeLifeguard.com — that anyone can use to find a lifeguard for a private event. She’s adding swim instructors soon.

Daria Maya

Daria’s list includes teammates from her Staples water polo team, and friends. To broaden the pool further, she used the iStaples app to find every student taking lifeguarding in phys. ed. Many were delighted to be added in.

The site went live in April. The popular Westport Moms platform gave it a big boost. Daria also handed out flyers. She’s already booked several parties, starting Memorial Day.

Daria is all about water safety. She’s working with Stewie the Duck — Stew Leonard’s water safety foundation — to spread the word about the importance of swim instruction and lifeguards.

Guards on her site charge $20 an hour. That’s a small price to pay for safety.

And for the ease of finding a certified lifeguard for your party.

(For Daria’s website, click here. Her email is welifeguard@gmail.com)

5 responses to “Daria Maya Guards Water Safety

  1. Rebecca Mace

    What a great idea! And kudos to such an entrepreneurial young woman. Great job and good luck!

  2. I LOVE this story . Thank you so much for sharing ; I do not know Daria, but she is the definition of a hero. (And thank you to the informative and inspiring educators at Staples!)
    I follow Westport moms, I must have overlooked it, I hope they (along with all the other local community platforms share this story 😉

  3. Roberta Tager


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  4. Peter Hirst

    What would Cheever think?

    • Jo Shields

      Given the whimsy and timing of his direction and progress, I would hope he’d realize the scheduling nightmare he’d cause. WeLifeguard is a super idea!