Justin Paul Joins “American Housewife”

“American Housewife” — the ABC comedy in which Katy Mixon raises her “flawed” family as the supposedly 2nd fattest housewife in Westport — has been renewed for a 4th season.

That’s the semi-good news.

The really good news is that the season 3 finale — at 8 p.m. on May 21, mark it down! — will include an original song by Justin Paul.

The Staples High School Class of 2002 graduate has already won a Grammy, Oscar and Tony, for his work with writing partner Benj Pasek on “Dear Evan Hansen” and “La La Land.”

Executive producer Kenny Schwartz — another Staples grad — occasionally slips Westport references into “Housewife.” (The Black Duck was called, I think, the White Mallard.)

No word on whether Justin will do the same, for his season-finale song.

(Hat tip: Jeff Mitchell)

Justin Paul, perhaps watching “American Housewife.” (Photo/Dan Woog)

6 responses to “Justin Paul Joins “American Housewife”

  1. Nancy Powers Conklin

    Will definitely watch, although I do not like the show. But, I love anything and everything that Paul and Pasek do!!

  2. Great shot, Dan!

  3. Laurie Woog

    That’s great for Justin! Nice article. But did you ever actually see that show? It’s awful. ; )

  4. Théo Feldman

    The lady doth protest too much, methinks. These former Westporters got a TV sitcom picked up by ABC for a fourth season – an incredibly difficult feat. The network and advertisers are re-upping because the show works. I don’t know the producers but if they are smart enough to hire Justin Paul and continue to provide entertainment for millions of people, they are definitely doing something right, so whether on not I like the show, doesn’t really matter.