Naturally, Westport

Alert — and awed — “06880” reader Greg Boosin lives on Wilton Road. His house backs up to the Saugatuck River.

For the past few weeks, Greg has photographed nature. “I’m amazed every day by the wildlife,” he says.

He shares those shots today. The final one — of an osprey with a fish — might be of particular interest.

“I have no way of knowing if this is the famous Fresh Market osprey,” he says.

“But it definitely comes from, and returns to, that direction.”

(Photos/Greg Boosin)

7 responses to “Naturally, Westport

  1. Carolanne Curry

    Thanks for a beautiful series of pictures.

  2. Fred Cantor


  3. Julie Fatherley

    A wonderful reminder of all the beauty around us. We are most fortunate to
    live in this environment which needs continual protection. Trying to remind people of the need to not use pesticides and other toxic sprays which are killing
    bees and important insects. How about the spraying of ticks on lawns….then
    children and animals play on that turf as well as tumble on it….how can anyone not put the dots together on this?

    Julie Fatherley

  4. Deborah Kasdan


  5. Thanks for these gorgeous pictures! I live further up the Merritt past the old Three Bears Restaurant. I am constantly amazed by the incredible wildlife we see up here (and take for granted!). Just this morning I looked in my back yard and saw a gorgeous red fox. The plethora of bird species is incredible and I’ve even seen a bobcat twice. We have a horned owl living in the forest behind our house and it is magnificent especially when it takes flight. Several years ago I went to the Amazon rain forest and believe it or not I hear more wildlife sounds in my backyard than I did there. We must maintain our incredible ecosystem in our area. We are much luckier than we realize!

  6. Pam Barkentin Ehrenburg

    Wonderful photos! I live near Willowbrook Cemetary, and the amount of wildlife we have, considering we are so close to town and in a thickly settles area, is astounding. . There have been times when we have had mallard ducks nesting in our pacasandra, chipmunks scooting about, deer nibbling in our back yard, and a raccoon dozing up in the hollow of a tree, all at the same time. We’ve had coyotes howl in the forest behind us, and an opossum hang out by our stream. Recently we witnessed what we believe to be an osprey swoop down and grab a rabbit. I feel that it’s important to protect our wildlife and think of our properties as sanctuaries free from harmful pesticides.

  7. Gene Borio

    Beautiful pics! I also love CT Audubon’s Bird Finder feature: