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Presented without comment (Photo/Catherine Calise)

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  1. Tom McGuire

    Wow, this I like alot!!!

  2. Sharon Paulsen

    That’s cute. Makes a good point.

    But (and there’s always a “but”), I grew up in a “Westport” where that wasn’t even a thing to worry about/consider.

    Kinda sad to see the decline in basic humility, empathy, cordiality, and simple awareness of one’s surroundings (and not just in communities like Westport).

    My Westport upbringing was that of a uniquely special and simultaneously ordinary experience.

    It was pure, and rich, and without pretense or expectation.

    It was … well, the past … for me.

    Could be the future for others as well, depending on how we all tend to, and remain good stewards, of what we find worthy.

    (Yep, a bit of sentiment and icky prose, but that’s just what came out of me today). 😉

  3. Hmmmmm; population of the town far greater now than when you were growing up, Ms. Paulsen, and I would venture that the PERCENTAGE of “rude” folks today is about the same as then…out of the current 26,700 souls in town, I’ll wager not a great percentage is rude.

    • Peter Hirst

      I don’t know what era Ms Paulsen grew up in, but if it was the late 60’s, like me, or later, the population of the town is not far greater now: in fact it is slightly lower. The 1970 census had us at 27,318, and it has held below that lo these many years. Which I think is quite revealing in itself.

      • Sharon Paulsen

        Peter H.,

        I grew up in Westport in the 60/70’s (tot and pre-teen years)! Then the 80’s was my teen and college years.

        I just remember less anger/angst/rudeness in general with adults and also kids my age, compared to what it seems like today, but I could be way off on that.

        Heck, the 1970’s were fraught with lingering Vietnam, Nixon debacle, gas crisis … and on … so, maybe there was a boatload of “rude-ness” back then that I just wasn’t exposed to.

        I’d always felt that the disco era was a kind of escapism mechanism, but also significant beyond what one could have imagined in terms of influence in the future (fashion, pop music, electronic composition tech … led to cultural shifts not appreciated at the time).

        I actually followed politics at a very young age … I just was drawn to it.

        I know I’m veering off topic a bit (from rude-ness to social anxiety), so don’t mean to hijack the thrust of this post.

        Oh, and thanks for the info about the general population size of Westport, then and now … good to know.

        • Peter Hirst

          The lady doth protest too much, methinks. The consensus seems to be that the bumper sticker is true, even a truism.

      • Though I stand humbly corrected as to population, still, I don’t experience the Town as one overburdened by rude people. Quite the opposite, I think.

  4. Richard Fogel

    what if your last name is Rude? They can live here,no??

  5. Richard Fogel

    LOL search Rude in Westport, see what comes up. It proves how wise I am

  6. Midge Deverin

    But you DO have to own an Audi !!! LOL (or Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Range Rover…) 🙂

  7. Midge Deverin

    But you DO have to own an Audi !!! (or a Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, Range Rover…) LOL

  8. Dave Feliciano

    I have it on good authority that the people of Darien are ruder, we are only second to them. Try harder!

  9. Luke Garvey

    Where do I get one?!?

  10. Janet Amadio

    So tired of people calling all Westporters rude!! Rude people exist everywhere. Oh and Hey! Sometimes you may run into a rude person in the Town of Westport who actually does NOT live here! But the assumption is that everyone inside the geographic Town of Westport lives here and we never have out of towners come here ever! Ergo, all rude people you encounter live here. Shallow view. Mostly it is outer-towners who make these comments.

  11. Richard Fogel

    Washington DC has some outstanding rude candidates .

  12. 99.9% of Westporters I have met are nice. Maybe the owner of that bumper sticker is using it as a reminder to him/herself.

  13. Jay Summers

    I’ve lived in this town for a long time. I rarely encounter any one that I would characterize as rude. Sometimes, we are a little entitled but there is a difference. By comparison to many other places (Long Island, NYC, Miami, LA, Boston, to name a few), Westport and the people who live here are generally accommodating and kind. Further, just because someone drives an expensive car or lives in an expensive house, doesn’t mean anything other than they can afford those things. Wealth and rudeness don’t go hand in hand. Most people I know in town who appear to be wealthy are quite nice. And, I’ve met plenty of people who have less fortune who are not quite as nice. Go visit some of these other places and you will realize how great it is here.

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Jay S.,

      For me, I have always felt nothing but gratitude for being born and raised in Westport.

      Culturally and intellectually smart, calm, open-minded and creative place to learn how to become an adult.

      At least, that was my experience … thank god!

      A few bad eggs tend to roll in (and out), so you make many valid points about living in other areas of the country.

  14. Bruce Erickson

    No, you don’t have to be rude but you need to be a millionaire. Wish I was! When I returned from Vietnam in 1969 I couldn’t afford to live in Westport anymore even though I was born and lived and went to school in Westport untill I left and went into the Air Force in 1965.

  15. Mark L Yurkiw

    Here’s another bumper sticker… to be read out loud…
    “In Westport, there are more dollars than sense”

  16. B. Franklin

    Oh, stop it. Get along and love your neighbor, and all will work out.

  17. Bill Coley

    I think the problem is much wider than just Westport, Darien or other affluent towns. I have noticed an increase in rudeness over the years which seems to have started in the “me decade” (the 1980’s). Also, the political climate that we now live in has seen both sides (left and right) move to their extremes and develop a “my way or the highway” attitude and the concept of compromise has disappeared from politics and other aspects of our day to day lives. Hopefully we can change soon!