Roses Are Red. Violets Are Blue. We Need A Poet Laureate. How About You?

Move over, Robert Frost.

Take a hike, Maya Angelou.

Westport is looking for a real poet.

The Arts Advisory Committee is accepting applications for the position of town poet laureate.

The goal is to elevate poetry in our consciousness, and celebrate and continue Westport’s vibrant literary history.

Walt Whitman could not be our poet laureate. He did not live in Westport. Plus, he’s dead.

Our poet laureate will expand and promote our appreciation not just for poetry, but the spoken word and writing in general. He or she will advocate for poetry, literature and the arts, and contribute to our legacy through public reading and civic events.

The poet laureate will also “summon a spirit of celebration, reflection and healing,” and “utilize Westport’s natural and human resources to promote poetry in the community.”

Eligible candidates must be poets with a wide range of experience and knowledge; residents of Westport, at least 21 years old and willing to collaborate with the school district, library and cultural institutions. The position is for 2 years, and is unpaid.

For more information, click here. To apply, click here. The deadline is May 31.

6 responses to “Roses Are Red. Violets Are Blue. We Need A Poet Laureate. How About You?

  1. Cheryl McKenna

    Why is it acceptable not to pay artists for their time and talent?

  2. Richard Fogel

    did Whittman make a sampler? of his poetery/

  3. Stacy Prince

    I’m with Cheryl.

  4. Jo Ann Davidson

    I nominate Dan Woog.

  5. Théo Feldman

    Cheryl- I agree. Perhaps the “Arts Advisory Committee” can do some soul (or wallet) searching while reflecting on your question.