Happy 100th, Rocco!

Rocco J. Urciuoli turns 100 years old tomorrow (Thursday).

He was born at home in Westport on May 2, 1919. He grew up here with 7 siblings. He was drafted into the Army, served in World War II from 1941 to ’45, then returned to Westport. He’s lived here ever since.

When asked for advice on a life well lived, he said, “be real. Take it as it comes.”

He enjoys grapefruit every morning, and a scotch with dinner every night.

“06880” — and all of Westport — join Rocco’s 3 children, 8 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren in wishing him the most wonderful of his century of birthdays!

Rocco Urciuoli

27 responses to “Happy 100th, Rocco!

  1. Shannon McArthur

    Awe! Happy Birthday Rocco. Makes me think of my Grandfather… also a WW2 Vet!

  2. Diane H. Silfen

    WOW You look fantastic! Happy Birthday

  3. Happy Birthday, Sir, and thank you for your service. Grapefruit and scotch – I’m going to remember that!

  4. Roberta Tager

    Wow! Wishing you a most Happy Birthday‼️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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  5. Sanera Calise Cenatiempo

    Happy Birthday!!!! Thank you for your years of service!

  6. Michelle Benner

    Happy Birthday Rocco, thank you for your centenarian wisdom!

  7. Meredith Hutchison

    Happy Birthday, you make 100 look really good!!

  8. Wanda Tedesco

    Happy Happy 100th Roco!!! Enjoy your special day with family and friends.

  9. Have a wonderful birthday, Rocco!

  10. Leslie Orofino

    Dear Rocco, God bless you and thank you for your years of service for our country. You are truly one of the greatest generation ! Rock on Rocco !

  11. Adam Schwartz

    Happy Birthday, sir. And thank you for your service!

  12. Ann Urciuoli Allard

    Thank you Dan for sharing your good thoughts and birthday wishes to our Dad!!’

  13. Ann Urciuoli Allard

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful birthday wishes

  14. Richard Vogel

    Next time someone throws around the word ‘Hero’ take a moment and realize what a real Hero looks like. They look like Mr. Urciuoli. Thank You Sir and enjoy many happy returns of the day (in Freedom).

  15. Happy Birthday Rocco!!! I have been eating grapefruit every morning too!!!

  16. Jennifer Rosenwald

    Happy Birthday, Rocco! As a grapefruit and scotch lover, I’m thrilled to see how great you look — amazing!! Thank you for your service, sir. Enjoy your day and the coming year.

  17. Lisa Podurgiel

    Happy birthday, Mr. Urciuoli!! Thank you so much for your service to our country.

  18. Mr Urciuoli, You are a lucky man to have been blessed with so many years of life and to be able to experience generations of family members. I know that you have been a great example for them all as well as for all of us. Thank you for serving your country. May God continue to bless you. Have a very Happy Birthday and great Year! Sarah W, kennedy

  19. Jamie Walsh

    Congratulations and thank you for all you have done for family and our great country!

  20. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Happy 100th Birthday Mr. Urciuoli. Thank you for showing us how to live a good life. we need more role models like yourself.

  21. Lynda Valiante Palmieri

    Happy birthday Mr. Urciuoli, wishing you a very special day! God bless you.

  22. Joanne DeMace

    Happy Birthday, Rocco!

  23. Midge Deverin

    God Bless!!!

  24. Juliana Fulbright

    happy bday rocco , you have done really well!! Congratulations!! I have been here for only 67 short years, but have been a Westporter all that time!! As was my father and my grandfather for half his life. Whom knows all!! We have enjoyed Westport , hope you have , take care and enjoy a few more years.

  25. Trisha Graves

    Happy Bday ! what a grand birthday ! If you want to chat with a peer in town
    Call A. E. Hotchner he is just two years old, nice guy, full of good stories too.

  26. Awesome!! Happy Birthday Rocco!!! Thank you for your service. 🎁🎈🎂🍸🇺🇲