Photo Challenge #226

Last week’s Photo Challenge was fairly easy. Plenty of women — and men — knew that the gazebo photographed by Tracy Porosoff can be found at 44 Imperial Avenue. (Click here for the photo.)

That’s the site of Bedford Hall, the Curio Cottage, the Yankee Doodle Fair, and the handsome white home of the Westport Woman’s Club.

But only Rosalie Kaye, Diane Bosch, Bobbie Herman, Carla Foster, Linda Amos, Amy Schneider, Lynn Untermeyer Miller and Barbara Raffel called it that. Linda added, “The gazebo was donated in 2000, in memory of long-time member Ronnie Kennedy by her family. It continues to be a lovely addition to the beautiful grounds.”

Many other readers got the name almost correct. Fred Cantor, Diane Silfen, Robert Mitchell, Andrew Colabella, Will Luedke, Jonathan McClure, Michelle Saunders, Seth Braunstein, Wendy Cusick, Shirlee Gordon. Kaye Leong and Bruce Salvo all said it was the Westport Women’s Club.

That actually makes more sense. It’s a club — and since 1907, a great and important one — for Westport women.

Not just one “woman.”

But Westport Woman’s Club it is. If anyone — woman or man — knows the story behind the name, please click “Comments” below.

Click “Comments” too if you know where you would find this week’s Photo Challenge.

(Photo/Seth Schachter)

(Hint: This morning, the Westport Young Woman’s (ahem) League — a different organization altogether, though its roots were in the Westport Woman’s Club — held its 41st annual Minute Man Race. This photo has nothing to do with that. But it’s a nice tie-in.)

19 responses to “Photo Challenge #226

  1. How about a clue? Is this a wall inside a building? Or is it an exterior wall? Thanks.

  2. Exterior wall.

  3. Peter Barlow

    When we know WHERE it is, maybe we’ll know WHY it’s there. The statue image doesn’t seem like a great fit for the framed space so I’m guessing it was added later.

  4. Michael Calise

    Minute Man Yacht Club

  5. John Terpening

    This is in Willowbrook Cemetery. This is the small relief sculpture on the head stone of Dick DeLong, the brilliant scientist, global peace activist, frustrated and often dejected inventor of Viagra. May he rest in peace!

  6. Nope – both Michael and John are incorrect (though I assume John’s answer is tongue in cheek, so to speak). HINT: Think outside the box.

  7. Andrew Colabella

    Willow brook Cemetery on Main Street mausoleum?

  8. Sally Palmer

    Town hall?

  9. Longshore?

  10. Wendy Cusick

    We now know it’s exterior.
    It’s either Above as a decorative piece to the outside of a structure or it’s a base or decortive corner or middle stone of a building or statue.
    A structure of a certain age…. For example Kings Highway School on US RT 1, Town Hall (which was Bedford Elementary) Myrtle and Saugatuck Elementary on Riverside Ave.
    More thoughts
    The War Memorial Park across from Town Hall and
    How about a cemetery there’s a couple around town corner of Greens Farms and Sherwood Island Connector and one behind Barnes and Noble next to Greens Farms Church Hillendale Rd

  11. Perhaps at one of the marinas, something to do with the Minute Man Yacht Club?

  12. Here’s a hint: Think outside the “06880′ box.

  13. Sharon Paulsen

    While I really have no clear idea of where this might be, my inner childhood memories sometimes work for these challenges.

    Honestly, the very first thought I had is that this could be in the small outside cove-entrance to what was once the Westport Bank and Trust building (which I’d always thought of as the “Flatiron of Westport” building, LOL).

    • Sharon Paulsen

      Oh wait … is there still a Minuteman Cleaners in town? Maybe that’s on their facade?

      Oh hell, I dunno! 🤔🤔🤔

  14. I have a feeling that even James Holzhauer does not know the answer to this one.

  15. Sharon came closest. It is a bank — Bank of America in Fairfield.

    I asked, “Where would you find this week’s Photo Challenge?” Usually it’s “Where in Westport would you find this week’s Photo Challenge?”

    Don’t worry. I promise next week’s will be back in 06880.

  16. Kathie Bennewitz

    I was so stumped too, having tried to find every minuteman in town! I still remember the post about the mm weathervane!