Hinoki False Cypress: The Sequel

Yesterday — as part of coverage of the fill at Baron’s South, behind the Westport Senior Center — “06880” reported that a Hinoki False Cypress that had been removed from nearby, replanted elsewhere on the site, and is now dead — had been judged the state’s #1 Golden Hinoki False Cypress.

That report was wrong.

The reader who sent the link to the database of Notable Trees — compiled by the Connecticut College Arboretum — did not dig deep enough.

As alert reader Cole Palmer notes, while the #1 Golden Hinoki False Cypress is indeed in Westport, it was not at Baron’s South. A photo elsewhere on the Connecticut College Arboretum site shows it clearly in a cemetery:

(Photo/Marty Aligata, taken August 31, 2014)

However, the Baron’s South tree was handsome in its own right. Alert “06880” reader Wendy Crowther noticed it in January 2015, and took this shot:

(Photo/Wendy Crowther)

And although this specific tree might not be the actual #1 on the Notable Trees list, it is still — in its new location, near Fairfield County Bank — quite dead.

“06880” apologizes for the error.

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  1. My records indicate that on December 29, 2014, I was informed by the Westport Tree Warden that the Hinoki in Barons that has reportedly now died, was actually a DWARF variety. At the time, there was informed speculation among local experts that this tree might possibly be the state’s largest documented DWARF Hinoki. I don’t recall what upshot of that was, but what made the Baron’s Hinoki special was that it was REALLY BIG for what was supposed to be a little guy.

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