Stop & Find Something In The Shop

One day after the Stop & Shop strike ended — at 7:30 this morning — this was the scene in the local supermarket.

It takes time to get back up and running, after 11 days of a work stoppage.

Employees said shelves should be much better stocked this afternoon.

10 responses to “Stop & Find Something In The Shop

  1. Mike Hibbard

    I am wondering if Stop and Shop donated a lot of food to the food pantries or just threw the food away? Maybe a positive note if the food was donated.

  2. They send out a statement from the Westport store that they were working with area shelters and programs donating food.

  3. Adam Schwartz

    About 15 years ago Ralph’s, the large chain in Los Angeles, went on strike and the workers all picketed outside as management and a few line crossers tried to keep the stores open. The workers got nasty, starting more than a few fist fights at my location and really causing a lot of trouble. Police had to be present 24 hours. Then it was all over and everyone went back to work as if nothing happened. Those violent and loud workers were happy go lucky model workers afterwards showing no signs of violence. That will always stick in my head as I see a few of them working at the same store to this day and have always acted like nothing happened. I don’t like unions and this is one reason why

    • Peter Gambaccini

      Fifteen years and 3,000 miles away. Yawn.

    • Richard Fogel

      imagine workers frustrated,underpaid, over worked trying to sustain their family. The nerve of them. Yes the honest corporations and their top brass are honest and abused. The corporations will do the right thing. Just like the Sackler Family of Purdue Pharma.

      • Bob Stalling

        You can imagine it. Of course, if you didn’t know all the facts and intricate details from both sides, in the end, it’s just imagination.

    • Elizabeth Thibault

      Do you recall the history of unions and the benefits of collective bargaining? Weekends and the 40 hour work week wouldn’t be here without them. (Are you familiar with the “996” working standard, which many US companies adhere to in countries overseas, where there are not worker protections?) Do you recall historic incidents of the industrial age where workers commonly suffered abuse and death, like the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire that led to workplace protections? Corporations are not inherent honorable actors historically and have shown this same inclination today. Advocating for fair pay and respectful employment isn’t just the right thing to do, but it saves us money as taxpayers. (We have to subsidize the lowest paid workers significantly, to ameliorate the effects of the poverty they are left in, as the working poor. Walmart alone accounts for over $6.2 BILLION worth of assistance, provided to their workers.)
      Violence isn’t right, but our negative reaction to it it doesn’t absolve us for believing in the rights of others and recognizing all the good that unions have done over the last century, and the important role they play now, in our world of ever increasing inequity.

    • Wendy Cusick

      Thank you Mr Schwartz for sharing your story.
      I appreciate and enjoy reading other people point of views and experiences from wherever they have lived or visited. You were a witness to something in history of that area.
      Sharing various points of views is good.
      Please ignore the ones who make ‘snippy’ remarks.

  4. Was just there — totally in produce full except for I think the salad bar and one or two things.

  5. Bob Stalling

    Last week –
    “Don’t Stop, Don’t Shop!”
    “Shame On You!”
    “Corporate Greed!”
    Today –
    “Thank You For Shopping Stop And Shop!”
    “Please Come Again!”