Photo Challenge #225

Once upon a time, there was a thriving post office in Saugatuck.

A couple, actually. The first was at Desi’s Corner. Then it moved across Riverside Avenue, to the building now anchored by Bistro Du Soleil restaurant.

For a while the PO operated out of a pathetic little trailer, in the back of a Saugatuck Avenue parking lot.

It’s in fancier digs now — though not by much — at the corner of Franklin and Ketchum Streets.

The sign outside was last week’s Photo Challenge (click here to see). Martin Gitlin, Michael Calise, Molly Alger, Mark Jacobs and Moira Eick all knew the answer.

But what about the sign’s initials: “DBU”?

Do they stand for “Don’t Bother Using”? “Do Be Understanding”? “Definitely Bad Usefulness”?

Nope. According to Michael Calise, this is a “Post Office Box location only.” He thinks DBU stands for Destination Box Unit.

That makes sense, though it is not particularly grammatical. After all, a couple of miles away — at the cramped, main post office in Playhouse Square — there is a sign saying “No Dogs Allowed. Service Dogs Welcome.”

And so it goes. This week’s Photo Challenge is much more scenic. Click “Comments” below  if you know where in Westport you would see this:

(Photo/Tracy Porosoff)

26 responses to “Photo Challenge #225

  1. Westport Women’s Club?

  2. Lynn Untermeyer Miller

    Westport Woman’s Club.

  3. Diane Silfen

    Westport Women’s Club

  4. Robert Mitchell

    Westport Women’s Club on Imperial Avenue

  5. Westport Women’s Club.

  6. Andrew Colabella

    Westport women’s club

  7. Jonathan McClure

    Westport Women’s Club

  8. Definitely the Westport Woman’s Club. i was a member of the WYWL many years ago.

  9. Seth Braunstein

    Outside of the Westport Women’s Club at 44 Imperial Avenue.

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  10. Rosalie Kaye

    This gazebo is on the property/garden of the Westport WOMAN’S Club.

  11. Gazebo at the Westport Woman’s Club

  12. Jalna Jaeger

    Greens farms congo church.

  13. The gazebo at the Westport Woman’s Club.

  14. Wendy Cusick

    Imperial Ave
    They’re steps that go up. from the parking lot to this then to the Curio Cottage and Women’s League parking lot

  15. Shirlee Gordon

    The gazebo at the Westport Women’s Club

  16. Carla Foster

    Westport Woman’s Club

  17. The gazebo at the Westport Woman’s Club was donated to the club in memory of a long time member Ronnie Kennedy by her family in the year 2000. It was and continues to be a lovely addition to the beautiful grounds of the club house.

  18. Amy Schneider

    Westport Woman’s Club – perfect for weddings!

  19. Carmine Picarello

    Does anyone remember a post office being at the current location of Tutti’s Restaurant?

    • No – it was a few yards south, where Bistro du Soleil is now. Before that, the Saugatuck post office was across the street, at Desi’s Corner.

  20. Adam Schwartz

    DBU Detached Box Unit
    A unit offering Post Office Box service that is not staffed when open and is usually in a leased facility near a Post Office, station, or branch. The DBU may have an Automated Postal Center that sells stamps and other mailing services. A DBU is often established when a neighboring facility cannot expand its Post Office Box section.

  21. Gazebo at the Westport Women’s Club located at 44 Imperial Avenue

  22. Gazebo at the Womens Club, Impetial Ave

  23. Barbara Raffel

    Westport Woman’s Club. A beautiful landmark .

  24. Sorry I didn’t reply sooner. Of course it is the Westport Woman’s (not “Women’s”) Club. A great photo of a great part of a great property for a great organization!