The Only Time, Ever, You Will See This View

Old Mill parking lot project is finished. But cars have not yet returned. (Photo/Matt Murray)

7 responses to “The Only Time, Ever, You Will See This View

  1. I’m glad the town decided to paint parking space lines. That will absolutely allow for more efficient use of the limited parking there during the summer.

  2. Looks beautiful!

  3. Richard Fogel

    how did the white car get permission to park on the fresh asphalt? Is that a New Yorker?

  4. Don Bergmann

    Peter Ratkiewich, our Public Works Director and all did a good job in getting the work completed in bad weather before the weekend holidays. I would have liked to see some shrubbery, trees or even sea grass added in appropriate locations and would very much like to know if others too would have welcomed something other than only asphalt. I have inquired and my sense is that no one, Public Works, Parks & Rec., the Tree Board, Conservation or the Bd. of Sel. gave thought to those possibilities If I am correct, it seems a shame not to have even considered some greenery. I hope others comment on this, particularly since I may be in a small minority. My general thought is that whenever major asphalt work is undertaken, beautification should at least be part of the analysis checklist.
    Don Bergmann