Leslie Orofino Shines

What do Lady Gaga, Peggy Lee and Leslie Orofino have in common?

All are tremendously talented, very fierce women.

And on April 12 and 26 actress/singer Leslie brings her show “Shine” to BJ Ryan’s Magnolia Room in Norwalk, highlighting the music and lives of Lady and Peggy.

As well as 2 other fabulous entertainers, Alberta Hunter and Dorothy Fields.

Leslie Orofino

The 4 women had very different styles. Leslie romps through them all: Broadway, blues, jazz, contemporary. You name it, she sings it.

“Shine” was inspired by Leslie’s mother, Mary McGuire. She recently died — after 96 wonderful years — but always told Leslie and her 3 siblings: “When things get tough … women get stronger!”

And how. In World War II, Leslie’s father spent months as a German prisoner. Mary wrote to him — every day. When he finally came home, they enjoyed 60 years of love.

Leslie is drawn to these remarkable women’s lives and music because they too overcame major obstacles. Lady Gaga faced mental illness; Peggy Lee, physical and mental abuse; Alberta Hunter, racism, and Dorothy Fields, Broadway sexism.

All found strength. All became stars who shined.

On April 12 and 26, Leslie Orofino shines her brilliant light on them.

(Click here for tickets and more information.)

4 responses to “Leslie Orofino Shines

  1. Marion V Kelly

    I’ve seen Leslie perform several times, latest was her Cole Porter show. Leslie has a dynamic stage presence, a wonderful rapport with her audience and is a wonderful storyteller as well as a singer. Thanks for this heads up.

  2. Thomas Orofino

    Thanks for the most generous post on Leslie. However, it does not tell her Mom’s whole story. Leslie did not tell the really important part of the story. Her mom had not heard from Bob for almost 4 years, his name was engraved on a memorial in their home town of Manhassset LI honoring the war dead. Bob was captured twice and escaped the German POW camps twice. When he finally returned home he married Mary and he chiseled his name off the memorial. Mary never lost hope he would returned, wrote him every day and prayed for his return every day. Well, after 60 years of marriage, 4 daughters life was good and a bunch of grand kids followed

    These WW2 vets really are our greatest generation.

  3. I met Mary many times! We had so much fun together! Such a beautiful Lady, and Her husband was a Gentleman and a Gentle Man as well! Leslie is an old friend whom I have seen many times and I look forward to watching and listening to her SHINE at The Magnolia Room on April 12th! Break another Leg Lovely Lady! Love you! Lulu