Behind Bridgewater

Bridgewater Associates is notoriously security-conscious.

But last night, “60 Minutes” profiled the Westport-based hedge fund — by some accounts, the world’s largest.

Bill Whitaker’s story focused on founder Ray Dalio. It offered glimpses of the Weston Road headquarters — including not only shots of the exterior, but the seldom-seen interior.

Ray Dalio, at Bridgewater’s Weston Road office.

Cameras even recorded analysts in action, and a staff meeting.

Analysts in action …

Bridgewater has a reputation as a secretive place to work — almost a cult. Nearly every meeting is taped, for later analysis.

In his “60 Minutes Overtime” segment, Whitaker says, “I expected it to be a place where everyone was almost afraid of their own shadow. I didn’t see that at all.”

Click here for the full “60 Minutes” story. Click here for “60 Minutes Overtime.”

… and Bill Whitaker, during a staff meeting.

8 responses to “Behind Bridgewater

  1. Is Bridgewater located in the former Glendenning headquarters? If so, we used to swim in the pond.

  2. Jayne Mauborgne

    For many years I to walked there every day with my dogs in the Leonard Schine open space area. I did so for two reasons. I though very highly of Attorney Schine, who later became a Judge and because it was so lovely, with the woods and babbling brook running by. However, when the Hedge Fund moved in they made it quite clear they didn’t want trespassers. They sent out men we called “the red shirts” to ask us to leave the property. They were polite but didn’t want anyone there who didn’t belong. I still miss going there.

  3. Bob Stalling

    I had the privilege of spending most of a day with Ray Dalio and his wife walking the fields of a tree farm in south Jersey while picking out large trees for one of their houses.
    Very nice experience, very nice people.

  4. Thanks Dan for sharing – I will add the episode to the tv “watch list.”
    … side note, was not aware that the ‘privacy’ was intentional – I thought I was the only one who was curious when hearing 3rd hand gossip about the lifestyles of these money makers – work hard play hard … that would be an interesting story 😉

  5. Ray and I were best friends in high school. I’m the Phil he descibed surfing with in the first chapter of Principles. We went our seperate ways because I was all about the environment and the great outdoors and I felt he had become all about money and nothing else. Boy was I wrong. I’ve wondered just what he’s doing with all that money? After watching 60 Minutes I can say I have never been so proud of someone. Our mutual love of the ocean has never changed. God love you Ray. I know I do.

  6. Jean Whitehead

    This man and his wife are an inspiration. So impressed with their take on things. (Had no idea where the office was, but the few glimpses shown looked so familiar to me….as one of the places we used to swim in Westport….and Google confirmed it….funny how things stay with us…..). Great segment….when most news lately is ultra depressing, if not horrifying.