Terrain Hosts An Evening Of Ospreys

Last weekend, Terrain was ground zero in the Great Osprey Outcry.

Employees were the first line of defense, when workers hired by Regency Centers came to remove the osprey nest perched on a pole on the border between the Fresh Market shopping plaza, and Terrain next door.

The nest is back. But Terrain is moving forward. The garden-and-much-more store hosts an evening of education about the remarkable birds. It’s this Tuesday (April 9, 6 to 8 p.m.).

Speakers include Charlie Stebbins and Milan Bull from the Connecticut Audubon Society and Osprey Nation, and Christine Peyreigne of Christine’s Critters birds of prey rehabilitation center.

The goal is to provide a forum for education and volunteerism. The event is free and open to the public. There are complimentary snacks, and a cash bar.

No word on whether the ospreys will swing over to say hi.

Terrain’s neighbors (Photo/Christine Peyreigne)

11 responses to “Terrain Hosts An Evening Of Ospreys

  1. that’s neat pr on terrains part

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  2. Talk about turning PR disaster into tour de force – our friends at Terrain seem to be writing a new chapter in the book!

  3. Janet Amadio

    How wonderful. I will try to make it. Wouldn’t it be great if the utility company moved that pole and platform over to Terrain’s property so Regency will never again be able to remove the platform!!

    • Michael Calise

      Both properties are owned by Equity 1

      • Regency Centers owns only a small part of Terrain’s property (less than 25%) and does not serve as Terrain’s property manager. Terrain is its own property manager, and decision maker onsite, owning all of its property other than a very small portion where the very back of the garden nursery has recently been expanded.

  4. Leslie Riback

    Maybe this sounds like a crazy idea, but I think that as part of their renovation, Regency should be asked to install an osprey cam. I know Cornell Ornithology does this all the time and many birders have them up on their properties. These cameras are totally nonintrusive and the birds don’t even know the camera is there.This would also help promote education and awareness.

    • Such a beautiful idea, I wouldn’t be surprised if Regency itself discussing an Osprey Cam. I hope they do that for WSPT’s Ospreys.

    • Page Englehart

      Not a crazy idea!!! In fact terrain has had several calls recently suggesting the same. On Tuesday evening from 6 to 8 Terrain will be hosting, among other authorities, Osprey Nation. That is what this organization does. Osprey Nation also recruits volunteers for this. Come and share your idea with Charlie Stebbins! And thank you for your ideas!

    • Marci Caporizzo


      Great Idea….great minds think along the same channels and there are a plethora of great minds and people in Westport!!

      This is in the works….Working on a ‘NAMING OF THE OSPREYS’ CONTEST, a ‘ANNUAL WELCOME BACK OSPREY DAY’ at Westport, and several other activities… and YES….REGENCY is behind all of this.


  5. Richard Fogel

    make the landlord stand on the ground under the nest for a full day

  6. Leslie Riback

    So fabulous, we were absolutely planning on being there on Tuesday night. Can’t wait to hear about it all!