Former Staples Track Star Now Runs Universal

Westport is 3,000 miles from LA. We’re more tuned in to who’s up and down on Wall Street than in Hollywood.

So the news that Peter Cramer is the new president of Universal Pictures Studios won’t mean much to “06880” readers.

Unless they realize that — back in the day — Peter Cramer was always called Packy.

Peter “Packy” Cramer

The 1985 Staples High School graduate was a track star and soccer player. He’s been with Universal since 2005, most recently as president of production. In that role the studio achieved record results, including the most profitable year in its history (2014), and the highest grossing domestic and worldwide box office totals of any studio ever (2015).

He led the launch of the Pitch Perfect, Ride Along, Purge, Ted and Neighbors franchises. He also oversaw the highest grossing film in Universal’s history (Jurassic World), and recent hits like Get Out, Lucy, Safe House, Unbroken, Identity Thief, The Visit and Mamma Mia Here We Go Again.

As senior executive vice president of production, he oversaw American Gangster and Ford/Nixon.

Before Universal he worked at New Regency Productions, Daybreak Productions and HBO Films. He started his career at Creative Artists.

Packy — er, Peter — graduated from Harvard University. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their 2 sons.

9 responses to “Former Staples Track Star Now Runs Universal

  1. Very impressive (especially given there are only a handful of positions at this level in Hollywood). Just curious: how did Peter get his nickname? I don’t think I have ever heard that nickname before.

    Last, but not least, I do appreciate the attention you devote to the creation of headlines. And, if you hadn’t become a successful freelance writer, I think you would have been a terrific headline editor/writer at a tabloid such as the New York Post🤨—happy bday!

  2. Congratulations Mr. Cramer! As a former employee of NBC Universal…..Good Luck, in a nice way.

  3. Jack Whittle

    Dang that is definitely a Westporter who has risen to some lofty corporate heights – since he is a fellow Westporter and Staples grad, I bet he will allow us to go with Packy – congrats!

  4. Patricia Porio

    Good on you Packy! Pat Porio

  5. Small world, back in the day, my grandfather was a very close associate with legendary Universal head Lew Wasserman… and now I can say I know the head of Universal too

  6. Peter Alan Cramer went to the Westport Co-op Nursery School with my son Jon around 1970. The name Packy comes from the first initials of his three names. A family nickname.

  7. Probably spells Allen after his father, Allen Cramer.