He’s Baaaaaack!

Or maybe “she’s” back.

It’s hard to tell an osprey’s gender.

But Westport’s favorite snowbird has returned once again from winter in the south.

(Photo/Tracy Porosoff)

He (or she) is back in his (or her) traditional perch, next to Fresh Market.

Can spring weather be far behind?

11 responses to “He’s Baaaaaack!

  1. Chip Stephens SHS '73

    NOTE TO SELF: Don’t park under the pole with the bird at Fresh Market

  2. I really enjoy the updates! Art Denues

  3. That would be “he”. A male will return to his crib, hang out looking cool, and hope he gets lucky,

  4. Forget Punxsutawney Phil… The real indicator of Spring is our very own Osprey. Should we name him? Oscar? Orville? Olli? Someone can start tracking the number of days after his return that temps consistently remain above 50 degrees and report back each year. LOL

  5. All can’t be wrong in the world so long as our Osprey keeps returning!

  6. We have an osprey nest up here too, on Masons Island where my boat is. I’ll be watching for a bird.

  7. Great to see them back. Does anyone know what happened to the parrots that were around the beach area?


  9. Joyce Barnhart

    The female osprey wears a “pearl necklace”. She has a semicircle of brown feathers below her neck. The male might have a few brown spots there, but not they’re not as distinctive. It’s likely the male who has returned. He’ll wait at a nesting site, announcing himself and the female will find him. Birds who “mate for life” are usually faithful to the nest site rather than to each other.

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