Photo Challenge #221

This past Monday, beach stickers went on sale.

For decades, that meant standing in line at the Parks & Rec office. Same for registration for tennis and golf handpasses, program registration — basically, if you wanted to do anything fun in Westport, you had to head down to Longshore, then stand in a long line in a tired old Mediterranean-style building opposite the much more handsome Inn.

These days, it’s all online. As a result, many new residents have no idea where Parks & Rec headquarters is.

The building was spruced up a few years ago. It’s much more user-friendly — and now it shows its age well, not poorly.

The roof of the Parks & Rec office was barely visible in last week’s Photo Challenge. Mostly, Chip Stephens’ shot showed trees and brush. (Click here to see.)

But Andrew Colabella, Fred Cantor, Clark Thiemann and John D. McCarthy have been to Longshore enough to pick that building out of the thicket.

Can you pick out where in Westport you’d see this week’s Photo Challenge? If you know, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Bob Mitchell)

16 responses to “Photo Challenge #221

  1. I feel like I have seen this in the vicinity of Soundview but, if so, I can’t remember precisely where.

  2. Ellen Greenberg

    Next to the old Elvira’s?

  3. Diane Silfen

    Mansion Clam House. AKA Parkers

  4. John D McCarthy

    Rive Bistro

  5. John D McCarthy

    Actually it is next to Parker Mansion

  6. By Parker Mansion Restaurant?

  7. Andrew Colabella

    Parker Mansion

  8. Parker Mansion Outdoor Dining Area.

  9. Joelle Malec

    In Saugatuck just outside of Parker Restaurant and what used to be Julian’s Pizza.

  10. Too easy!
    That’s across from Rizuttos
    Next to Parker
    In front of what used to be Julian’s pizza!

  11. Peter Barlow

    I think that’s the seahorse that was at the front of the restaurant next to the Cribari Bridge. Was that the Mansion Clam House? I have photos of that seahorse. It’s a good image.

    • Peter Barlow

      But the question was Where IS it (now)? Nearby – looks like near or under one of the bridges.

  12. Susan Miller

    on Riverside in front of that small restaurant

  13. Richard Santalesa

    That’s in front of the Parker Mansion on the left of the patio