We Choose To Include This Great Video

Jeff Staw has strong Westport ties.

He grew up here, then returned with his wife Amy in 2009. She was a TV producer, working with non-profits including Save the Children (when its offices were here), and Special Olympics.

The Staws moved to Colorado in 2016 (but come back every summer). Amy now works at her children’s elementary school, as an education assistant for students with severe special needs.

When teachers planned an Inclusion Week, they asked Amy to put her production expertise to good use.

The result — shot on an iPhone — is tremendous.

Sandy Staw notes proudly that her grandchildren are in the video. David talks about being left out (he’s the one with fish pictures in the background), while Juliet says she chooses to include “because everyone needs someone to play with.”

So far, the video has been seen only by the Staws’ Colorado school community. But “06880” readers in their former home town will appreciate it — and its message — too.

Amy and Jeff Staw, with David and Juliet.

6 responses to “We Choose To Include This Great Video

  1. G.Kenneth Bernhard

    Terrific video………so very sweet and appropriate. Thanks for sharing it. Ken Bernhard

  2. Bob Stalling

    I agree it is a good video, however, the adults running this country aren’t innocent children.
    The adults, hopefully, are aware of drugs coming across the border.
    The adults, hopefully, are aware that child trafficking exists.
    The adults, hopefully, are aware that there are some people who have bad intentions.
    The adults, hopefully are aware that there is the possibility of unchecked diseases.
    The adults, hopefully, are aware that we have rules and laws for a reason, and if we don’t like the reasons or the reasons change…we can change the laws.
    The adults, hopefully, won’t be accused of exclusion…just because they are aware.

    • Mary Cookman Schmerker

      Hopefully the adults know that words hurt,
      Hopefully the adults know that all forms of bullying, including name calling are hurtful

      • Bob Stalling

        Agree with you 100%
        Any adult calling someone a racist, xenophobe, felon, traitor etc., or accusing them of collusion or obstruction of justice without evidence, just because they don’t like them….is wrong and shouldn’t be tolerated.
        We are on the same page.

  3. Dear Dan, The Staw family is an extraordinary group. Jeffrey’s father, Dr Igal Staw, Westport resident, is the finest doctor I have ever known – a humanitarian whose CARING has obviously been passed down to his children. IF THERE IS ALWAYS A WOMAN BEHIND THE MAN, SANDY STAW ISTHE COMPLEMENT TO DR. STAW, ALSO AN EXTRAORDINARY PERSON. IT’S A PRIVILEGE TO KNOW THEM. BEST, ANN >

  4. Seth Schachter

    Beautifully constructed video Amy !!! Very special message and such an important one too !!!