Peace At Compo, For Christchurch

On the spur of the moment, Darcy Hicks organized a few dozen friends and strangers yesterday.

They gathered at Compo Beach, and formed a giant peace sign.

(Drone photo by Ryan Felner)

The group stood in solidarity with victims of Friday’s attack on 2 Muslim mosques halfway around the world.

Darcy says, “We stand with Christchurch, New Zealand against racism, intolerance and violence. We are all human. Let’s commit to finding common ground and healing this world.”

13 responses to “Peace At Compo, For Christchurch

  1. Lori Winthrop Dockser

    Go Darcy and all who held hands!

  2. One more reason to love this town!

  3. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Proud of Westport! Let’s all think of what we can do to be a positive influence..

  4. How very Darcy.

  5. Lovely gesture

  6. Théo Feldman

    We are extremely fortunate to have Darcy in our community. Thank you for posting this beautiful photo!!

  7. Darcy is an amazing woman!

  8. Peter Barlow

    Very nice! There’s an ancient charm to this. The photo was taken from some height. Where or how?

  9. Kathryn Coster

    Amen…thank you for organizing this.

  10. Melissa Diamond

    Fabulous!! Our long-running Book Club was having a similar discussion after reading Jon Meachum’s new book!!

  11. Beautiful. Thank you all. Drone photo?

    • Yes, as noted in the photo credit. Drone photographer Ryan Felner is a Staples High School senior, headed to Yale University.