Staples Students Merit Praise

This is not the kind of photo I usually post on “06880.”

For one thing, I stay away from lines of people staring at a camera.

For another, I’d much rather give a shout-out to a kid doing something different or unusual — carving his or her own path through high school — than the ones who are used to getting praise and applause.

But I love this photo of Staples High School’s National Merit Scholar finalists.

Front row (from left): Isabel Powell, Emma McKinney, Orly Salik, Genevieve Domenico. Middle: Andrew Moy, Angela Ji, Anisa Prasad, Sirina Prasad. Back: Martin Menz, Preston Lust, Joshua Zhang, Benjamin Tobben, Zachary Katz, Carter Teplica.

Take a look.

They’re split right down the middle by gender: 7 girls, 7 boys.

They’re ethnically diverse.

More importantly, they’re some of Westport’s brightest students. But they sure don’t look like they spend all their time all alone in their rooms, squeezing every last decimal point out of the GPAs.

No. They look like they’re having fun. They look like they like each other.

Plus, everyone has their own style.

I particularly like Preston’s hat.

And Anisa’s shirt.

3 responses to “Staples Students Merit Praise

  1. National Merit Finalists are supposed to be the top 1% of the nation of those who participate in taking the PSAT. Fourteen out of a Staples class size of about 470 appears to be about a three times higher rate of Merit Scholar Nationalists here in Westport than nationwide. Impressive!
    Congratulations to all these students, and to their families and teachers that helped make them so smart!!

  2. Susan Ellis

    I love the photo, too–for all the reasons your mentioned!

  3. Mary Cookman Schmerker

    Congratulations. I loved the photo and as the mother of an AP Math teacher I thought that Anisa’s shirt was fantastic.