Morgan Mermagen Boosts Pepperlane

Westport is filled with working women. They enjoy professional networking opportunities too.

But our town is also filled with women taking a hiatus from work. They spend time raising children — a full-time job itself, of course.

Many hope to eventually return to work. Some re-enter their former fields.

Others — out of necessity or choice — look to start their own business. The possibilities are endless: catering, childcare, eldercare, computer support, event planning, floral design, home organization, interior design, landscaping, travel, photography, bookkeeping, tutoring, graphic design and much more.

But where do they turn for advice and support? How can they learn to be entrepreneurs, while still balancing the demands of running a household and raising kids?

Pepperlane is an online community. Women use the platform to set up a business site, and market themselves. There are lessons on finances. It’s all done by mothers, for mothers, about mothers.

Pepperlane is a great service. But personal, face-to-face contact is important too.

Welcome, Pepperlane Boost. A Boost is a meeting: part networking, part advice-giving, part back-patting.

It’s the kind of event women in the corporate world often attend, but that those running their own businesses seldom have access to.

Tomorrow — Wednesday, March 6 — Pepperlane Boost comes to Westport. It’s the first one in the state.

Morgan Mermagen (Photo/Pamela Einarsen Photography)

The event — set for the Panera Bread conference room — is organized by Morgan Mermagen. She’s the perfect example of the type of woman Pepperlane Boost hopes to attract.

She spent 16 years on Wall Street. But she took time to raise her kids. Last year, Morgan made a career change. She got certified as an executive coach.

Tomorrow’s Pepperlane Boost is the first of what Morgan hopes will be monthly events. She looks forward to meeting an eager, active group of entrepreneurial mothers.

Panera Bread is an inspired choice. They’ll be hungry for advice — and to meet others like them.

(Tomorrow’s Pepperlane Boost event is sold out. Click here to be put on the wait list. For more information, email 

2 responses to “Morgan Mermagen Boosts Pepperlane

  1. Jeff Wieser

    Morgan makes things happen. I predict this is going to be a great enterprise! Good luck.

  2. What a wonderful opportunity for a bunch of amazing women to get together to swap ideas for furthering business in Westport. Thanks Dan for helping so many women find us. April’s event is already sold out – clearly we needed a place to gather! Thanks to Jen Tooker, Second Selectwoman for stopping by to support us as well!