Unsung Heroes: Special Edition

After digging themselves out — and getting power back on — “06880” readers were eager to offer up a few Unsung Heroes. Usually we wait until Wednesday, but it’s nice to strike while the iron (if not the weather) is hot.

Gil Ghitelman — who must have gotten his power back quickly — writes: “I suggest a hat tip to Eversource. Consummate professionals.”

Chip Stephens nominates the baristas at Starbucks. Despite the snow, they were there bright and early with his morning Joe.

But the greatest Unsung Hero — so far, anyway — works at a different coffee shop. JP Vellotti tells this tale:

“Like a lot of people this snowy morning, I was shoveling since 5 a.m. Like a lot of people, I needed my coffee before the train.

“The new Mystic Market was closed. Winfield Street just closed too, and Desi’s is out.

“But Romanacci — which is just taking over from Winfield — had a makeshift counter, and one pot going. The line was long, but it went fast.”

Here’s the best part: The credit card machine isn’t set up yet. So Venlich Aguilar — who is staying on after Winfield Street leaves — asked people to pay cash, if they could. Round numbers, please — too many people, so no change.

And if you had no cash — no problem. Just come back later and pay!

4 responses to “Unsung Heroes: Special Edition

  1. Gil Ghitelman

    Eversource not only turned the juice back on but kept me posted with email messages AND I got a personal phone from them to boot.
    I guess paying the monthly bill in timely fashion pays off.
    Gil Ghitelman

    • Fred Cantor

      I received texts from Eversource letting me know that the power at our address had gone out—along with the reason for the outage—and then notified me when the power was being restored. And it was great to hear that the power hadn’t been out too long in our immediate vicinity. Two thumbs up for them.

  2. I had to call eversource to report my outage at 2pm, then received a Robo- call from them 1 hour later telling me power was out to many eversource customers and they were working as fast as they could. It came back on around 5pm. While the individual technicians may include some heroes, the business as a whole is poorly run with poor service and systems.