Pic Of The Day #679

Brenda Waldron first noticed this broken pole on Cross Highway, near Pine Tree Drive, before the holidays. “It’s getting worse,” she says. “Is anyone else concerned?” (Photo/Brendra Waldron)

8 responses to “Pic Of The Day #679

  1. Arline Gertzoff

    Just call Eversource to get them to replace.

  2. To Arlene’s suggestion – new pole is in place already….old broken pole still has telecom and cable tv attached, so this ‘double pole’ is waiting for Frontier(telecom) and/or Optimum (cable tv) to transfer their cables to new pole, then either call Eversource to remove old pole pieces or last utility off does old pole removal. There are many double poles around town due to very slow transfers of cables by Frontier and Optimum!

  3. Darn pollsters

  4. I called Eversource about this issue multiple times last year and they said that they were waiting for Frontier to move their cables to the new pole. The broken pole is only being held together with a strap at this point, so it looks really dangerous. I can’t believe that Eversource would not figure out a way to escalate the situation and get it fixed.

  5. Julie Fatherley

    Suggest someone check the number of the pole (metal numbers nailed to
    pole) and call Eversource at (800) 286,2000 with this I.D.

  6. Someone should check the number on the side of the pole and call
    Eversource. (800) 286-2000

  7. Richard Anzalone

    The problem is not Eversource, it’s Frontier and Optimum who haven’t as yet transferred their wires to the new pole. Anyone who has had to call Frontier or Optimum knows they do not move very fast don’t take your concerns seriously.

  8. Luisa Francoeur

    Even when the lines/cables have been moved to the new pole, Eversource is not quick to come and remove the old pole. We have one on our street which has been there since the March 2018 storm. And we have a seriously leaning pole (which was new and upright in 2008) from that same March storm. We have called multiple times with the pole numbers. Eversource is NOT responsive. They are “nEversource”.