Lester’s Leaves

Lester’s — the contemporary women’s clothing store opposite Fresh Market on Post Road East, near Dunkin’ Donuts and the UPS Store — will close this spring.

The store began in Brooklyn in 1948. They opened their first Connecticut location — in Westport — 3 years ago next month. However, a spokesman said, the strip mall site proved too small for all of Lester’s departments.

“We have enjoyed being part of the Westport community for the last 2 years, and are filled with gratitude for all of our wonderful customers,” the spokesman added.

A “Best Goodbye Sale Ever” begins tomorrow (February 23), with savings of up to 90% on clothing, shoes and accessories.

When Westport closes, the nearest Lester’s will be in Rye Brook, New York.

This won’t be the only vacancy at 606 Post Road East. Earth Animal moves out soon — but they’re not closing.

They’re relocating to 925 Post Road East. That’s the former site of the notoriously hard-to-park-at Starbucks.

Before that — as Westporters of a certain age remember — it had been the Krazy Vin’s strip club.


2 responses to “Lester’s Leaves

  1. Diana B Pils Marino

    Earth Animal pet store will be at the old Crazy Vin’s Strip Club??!! LOL!! That’s funny. I’ll still bring my two, Standard Poodle Brothers #SpenceandSurge, there! Naked of course. 😉🐩🐩

  2. Michael Brennecke

    I remember when before Crazy Vins, it was Ann’s Suburban. A bar. Our home phone number was one digit different. We got many phone calls by mistake. My dad would sometimes answer the phone “Ann’s Suburban”.

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