Photo Challenge #215

Years ago, Westport was one of the first towns in the Northeast to build a municipal skate park.

Since then, it’s offered thousands of kids a place to learn tricks, have fun, hang out and make new friends.

Of course, in these litigious times we can’t just open it up to anyone, anytime. Hence, the fencing and locks — which were the focus of last week’s Photo Challenge.

Andrew Colabella, Joyce Barnhart, Molly Alger, Wendy Cusick and Amy Scheider all quickly recognized the site of John Pollak’s photo (click here to see). Congrats! Perhaps Parks & Rec will give you a free pass as a prize.

This week’s Photo Challenge looks easy.

It’s not. To be recognized, you must describe exactly where in Westport these rocks are located. A general or vague description does not count! If you know, click “Comments” below.

(Photo/Michael Tomashefsky)

20 responses to “Photo Challenge #215

  1. Off of the Westport tip of Canfield/Sprite Island?

  2. Andrew Colabella

    Compo Jetty by cannons

  3. Robert Mitchell

    Back side of jetty at thecorner of main beach and South beach

  4. At intersection of Compo Rd South and Hillspoint Road. To the left of the jetty at Comp Beach on Soundview. It’s the small little triangular beach you an bring dogs onto year round.

  5. “Somewhere near the water” probably isn’t going to win…..Right?

  6. Jay Tormey '66

    Right side of the jetty in front of the cannons.

  7. End of Canal Rd Saugatuck Shores

  8. Michael Pettee

    Hmmm Could the lighthouse in the background be over in front of Norwalk harbor?

  9. Seth Schachter

    Frost point

  10. Southern point on Cockenoe.

  11. Just as I thought: Lots of guesses about lots of places in Westport. But Diane Silfen is correct: It’s the end of Canal Road, on Saugatuck Shores. Very good!

  12. I think this may be a view from Sherwood Island or Burial Hill. But I might be “missuaded.”

  13. That was a good one! The clue was the absence of Cockenoe Island in the photo so it had to be from either east or west of Compo.

  14. I’ve taken a lot of photos of that formation. I clicked on this one to see it in full, and it is just GORGEOUS!

  15. Peter McCulloch

    Boat launch at Compo where he palm tree used to be

  16. This is a hidden gem- The lefthand breakwall on Canal Beach off Cockenoe Dr!

  17. Cathryn Morrison

    the South Beach side of the Southwest most jetty (the one near the cannons)