Leslye Headland’s “Russian Doll”

Since debuting on February 1, “Russian Doll” — the Netflix comedy series about a woman who keeps dying in a time glitch — has snagged praise from critics, and plenty of viewers.

Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 100% approval rating. The Gothamist said it’s “the first must-see new TV show of the year.” New York Times TV critic James Poniewozik called it “lean and snappily paced; it even managed the rare feat, in the era of streaming-TV bloat, of making me wish for a bit more.”

Leslye Headland, with a montage from “Russian Dolls.” (Image courtesy of The Ringer)

The show’s co-creator, director and writer — Leslye Headland — is a 1999 Staples High School graduate. She’s earned kudos as a playwright, screenwriter and director, with hits like the play and film “Bachelorette” and the movie “Sleeping With Other People.”

Leslye’s been on a media tour following “Russian Doll”‘s debut. She was interviewed today on WNYC (click here to listen), and has appeared in plenty of print and online media too. Click here for one of the most in-depth pieces.

Intrigued? Click below for the trailer:

6 responses to “Leslye Headland’s “Russian Doll”

  1. Thanks for this write up on Leslye and ‘Russian Doll,’ Dan. I watched the first episode and was kind of “meh” about it but now I will return and check it out further.

  2. Deb Rosenfield

    Congratulations to Leslye! Everyone in each of my online groups is buzzing about it and it’s in my watchlist for the next binge. The word is that the first 2 episodes are a little slow and then WHAM!– people are hooked and love the series. Well done, Leslye!

  3. amy van arsdale

    Hi Dan!

    Enjoy the stories and pics each day. You are amazing with info..

    Thank you,

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  4. Haven’t seen the show but just viewed the posted trailer. It would appear to be a similar idea to Bill Murray’s old Groundhog Day movie, although based on this snippet, probably without the uplifting message in the end. While I’m always happy to read about another Staples success story, I’m probably going to pass on this. It looks a little too graphic and too creepy.

  5. Kathie Bennewitz

    We have been watching since a week or so ago. so well done…crazy .. but good. keeps getting better . Great writing . Have 2 left! No spoilers please

  6. Netflix is infamous for everyone smoking in its works, but this one is way, way over the top.

    Such a plethora of cool smoking is always a sign that there’s a lot of fey pretension going on.

    I stopped midway through the first tedious episode, tired of the arch, self-conscious characters and “action.”


    “And while everybody was watching, but no one was paying attention, we’ve experienced a pervasive re-emergence of smoking imagery that is glamorizing and renormalizing a deadly habit to millions of impressionable young people. It has to stop.”

    It’s shameful, imo.