“Thanks For Supporting Tommy”: Carolyn Ghianuly

When Tommy Ghianuly — the Compo Center Barber Shop owner — died last month, generations of Westporters mourned. His wife Carolyn writes:

The outpouring of love for my man was just incredible. All the people who came to pay their last respects, the cards and letters (not just locally but from people who have moved away, but still had such love and admiration for him) blows me away.

I hope when this deep and awful grief eases for me that I can find comfort in  how much happiness he gave to so many people.

Please post for me my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all his many friends, who loved him during all his years in Westport. He loved them back equally.

The Compo Barber Shop will continue to serve all its loyal customers in the same fashion as always. Tommy will be there in spirit.

Thanks again to all who supported him over his almost 60 years in business.

Tommy Ghianuly

One response to ““Thanks For Supporting Tommy”: Carolyn Ghianuly

  1. Beverly W. McArthur

    What a heartfelt thank-you. I am so sorry for your loss.