Friday Flashback #127

Mary Gai is a native Westporter. She’s fascinated with local history. In her spare time, she searches the internet for long-ago news references to our town.

These reports all appeared in the 1800s, in papers across the country. There’s little context to any of them. But that’s okay. Readers are free to make up their own back stories — and imagine what Westport life was like, way back when.

6 responses to “Friday Flashback #127

  1. Mr. Kino came to Westport in his hot air balloon and until this day, there is still a lot of “hot air” in Westport!

  2. Mary, what years were the articles published? I’m especially curious about the second story. Thanks.

  3. Obviously I meant the specific years.

  4. Elaine Marino

    Fred: You can read about the horse-whipping incident in the Louisville Evening Express from October 20, 1869 (image below):

    It is at the top of the second to last column on the right side of the paper. Use the + icon to magnify the text. Quite fascinating.

  5. MPG is my favorite classmate. She is the best realtor in the entire civilized world.