Weather Or Not: Be Ready!

It’s not Chicago. Or Wisconsin. Or International Falls.

But the weather this week could be pretty nasty. (Right now, snow is squalling and winds are howling).

Westport’s Department of Human Services reminds residents that there are resources available to those who need assistance during weather emergencies.

Don’t be that guy (or girl).

DHS works closely with police, fire, EMS and the health district to help seniors and people with disabilities. Residents are encouraged to plan ahead by registering with DHS before a storm or emergency hits. Call 203-341-1050, or click here to search for information on these programs:

  • Westport Emergency Evacuation Assistance
  • File of Life
  • Assistance with home heating expenses
  • Voluntary Registry for People with Disabilities
  • One-on-one assistance

The best way to stay informed about weather related advisories, alerts and community messages is to pre-register for the assistance programs, and utilize local news and information resources including the town’s website ( and/or the town Facebook page (

Additional updates may be posted on the Westport Fire Department Facebook page:

2 responses to “Weather Or Not: Be Ready!

  1. Michael Don Sullivan

    Dan! You certainly are keeping people informed! Thank you! From Brattleboro VT!