Pic Of The Day #646

Nyala Farm, late yesterday afternoon (Photo/Jose Villaluz)

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  1. Beautiful photo!

  2. I have always loved this open field – probably the last large open field that’s left in Westport. There is a bit of water in there sometimes – that probably helps to keep it open. And I think that “gazebo-well” has probably been there forever. It looks good there!

  3. Spectacular pic. I always enjoyed driving by this scene on my way to the Greens Farms Post Office.

  4. Charles Taylor

    This was a scene I saw everyday I lived in Westport from our bay window at 1River Oaks Rd. Beautiful

  5. Richard Fogel

    its a beautiful photo that is memorialized in many residents and passer by

  6. Arthur C Schoeller

    Love this shot. This is one of the largest, privately held open space properties in Westport and is protected by a special permit negotiated with extensive involvement of the Greens Farms Association. The permit was finalized in 1970 with Stauffer Chemical agreeing to protecting 23 acres of open space, preserve three historic buildings, limit to 900 employees, a single tenant, and 900 parking spaces constructed underground. Over the years the special permit has been modified to allow up to 40 tenants, 1,500 employees, and a few additions such as a lobby to link some of the buildings. Preserving and protecting this open space and limits on this office park takes constant vigilance. And yes, preserving the “wishing well” shown in this photo was part of the original negotiation, plus how this open meadow is to be maintained.

    Art Schoeller
    Greens Farms Association

    • Thanks. I don’t recall ever hearing about all of these details. Kudos to all who have helped preserve this open space.

      • Arthur C Schoeller

        Hi Fred. In fact there MORE elements in the special permit beyond what I posted here. I have a half inch notebook of the history of the evolution of this special permit with the additions / modifications over the years.

    • As an aside I’ve never seen the now extensive “bald spots” in the field that are so evident now.

  7. Beautiful photo! Thanks!