One More Tribute To Tommy

Posted in the window of Compo Center Barber Shop, in honor of its beloved owner:

10 responses to “One More Tribute To Tommy

  1. Tommy was truly a saint.

  2. Tommy sure was a Legend , with many many Friends .. May you Rip Buddy

  3. Truly a very special guy. My sung hero.
    So sad.

  4. He was my barber during elementary school days thrown the ‘60s and he styled my hair on my wedding day in the 80s! I learned about all the Marvel superheroes through his many comic books waiting for my haircuts!

  5. Is this the man you said was a rabid Trump supporter?


    • What’s wrong with you? This is a tribute to a man known and loved by so many people in this community and you have the audacity to bring up politics!?

    • Tommy was always diplomatic. I only heard him comment on Trump’s hair which he thought he spent too much with.

    • S. Ellis,
      You should hang your head in shame. Tom was a fantastic person. You didn’t know him from your remark. Pathetic for you to comment on his tribute page.

  6. Tommy, was a credit to the human race. He exemplified all that is good and I think all that knew him are better for it. This man had a small business and stayed in business for over 50 years. This alone shows how Westport through many generations loved this man.

  7. Tommy was a philosopher king, a fine town historian, a discreet, humble, and wise man. He would never initiate political discussions, but, if someone tried to draw him in, he would, at most, shake his head or roll his eyes. His rent kept rising, but he kept his business open even though he would have liked to retire. He told me the reason he stayed open was for his employees who had been loyal to him for years. He was a prince of a man and he will be greatly missed. RIP