If You See Something…

The Y’s Men of Westport/Weston often use email to circulate useful information. John Brandt recently sent this to 400+ members. The message is worth sharing with the larger “06880” community too. 

Call it “a word to the Y’s.”

You may have read that there were several break-ins on Washington Avenue and Evergreen Avenue last week. On Sunday morning at 2:50, I saw several people walking up Washington Avenue with no apparent reason for being there. I watched them duck into my neighbor’s driveway and then move on. I didn’t call the police.

After the fact, I asked our police chief for guidance on when to call. He said that we should call the police “when anything appears remotely suspicious.” In other words: If you see something, say something.

I now realize that’s a lot more than a slogan. As Chief Foti Koskinas noted, “We have been making a lot of arrests. But there are a lot more people out there.”

Safety and community security is everyone’s responsibility. I regret not calling. Had I called, maybe these people who seek to do us harm would have been apprehended. I won’t make that mistake again.

Don’t hesitate. Call — and help the police protect and serve us.

NOTE: Diligent police work solved a recent crime spree — 6 residential burglaries, 14 motor vehicle break-ins, 2 stolen cars and numerous larcenies —  on Sandhopper Trail, Crystal Circle, Gault Avenue, Oak Ridge Park, Keyser Road, Evergreen Avenue, Gorham Avenue and Brooklawn Drive. Investigators recovered plenty of stolen property, including 2 Audis, 1 Mercedes and 1 Chevrolet, computers, a bicycle and a purse.

In every case, homes and vehicles were left unlocked. Police urge residents to lock homes, garages and vehicles every night; remove valuables from vehicles, and turn on exterior lights and security systems. 

7 responses to “If You See Something…

  1. If you leave your car or house unlocked does your insurance cover you if there is a break-in?

  2. Arline Gertzoff

    Locking one’s house and car is a no brainer.Leaving visable valuables in a car 🚙??
    Try the trunk at least.

  3. And of course the visual that portrays the robber is a man “of color.” I used to live in Westport. Now I hesitate to drive down a residential street in Westport. I’m a black woman – and I’m not afraid of crime. I’m afraid of you.

    • Actually, I chose the visual because I thought it was an evil-looking white guy. I did NOT want to perpetuate any stereotypes.

  4. Tom Feeley Sr

    Aren’t most robbers “of color?”

  5. Deb Holliday Kintigh

    A word to the wise (and Y’s), indeed, John! I, too, have faced that point of indecision wondering “should I call?” Now I know ….CALL!