Progress Report: That Building By Bertucci’s

What’s rising on the lot between Westport Wash & Wax and Bertucci’s?

The view from Long Lots Road. (Photo/Jo Ann Davidson)

Two mixed-use buildings of 3 stories (and 10,000 square feet) each. There will be retail and offices on the 1st floors, with 16 residences above.

In the rear are 4 townhouses, with 2 or 3 bedrooms each. Of the 28 apartments, 6 are classified as “affordable.” There are also 93 parking spaces.

The address is 793 Post Road East — and 5 Long Lots Road, because of the driveway there too.

Happy New Year!

10 responses to “Progress Report: That Building By Bertucci’s

  1. Hi Dan,
    The project is listed at Lighthouse Living – Westport – where one can see the mock-up photos. All units are rentals – 4 groupings of 3 townhouses in back for a total of 12. The town calls this developer a “hostile” applicant. As neighbors on the abutting Ruta CT, we can tell you that neither the developer nor the workers are are respectful of us neighbors and have not made good on their promises to us.

    • Dick Lowenstein

      You are in RTM DIstrict 6. Why don’t you write to the District 6 members and ask for their help. Here’s the group address:

      • Michael Calise

        And what pray tell can an RTM member do? This is a zoning issue fostered by the pressure of 830-G. A previous P & Z with a majority of members you may know created the zones which allow this. Any claim that the RTM can help is hypocritical

        • Dick Lowenstein

          It’s not about 830-G. It’s about the builder’s behavior, which RTM members can work on directly or via the Building or Planning & Zoning Depts. I don’t know what promises the builders made, but at some point they’ll want a certificate of occupancy and the devil can be in the details to get it.

  2. Michelle Benner

    Huh, interesting. What elementary school are they zoned for?

  3. Catherine Walsh

    Kim, Michael Calise is correct-this is not an RTM issue. The right path is to contact Mary Young our Planning and Zoning Director. If there is an enforcement issue we’ll get into it immediately.

  4. Sharon Paulsen

    Wow, so it sounds like a hot little mess-a-brewing there? (Zoning and reg wise?).

    I don’t know anything about this project … just getting the vibe from the comments so far.

  5. Gee, what a lovely toxic waste dump of traffic will be there…at the junction of Long Lots and Post Rd. Ouch.

  6. What do they consider affordable?????? And does anyone on either P&Z or RTM consider the traffic problems of Westport?????????

    • We went to all the P&Z meetings – along with some Ruta CT neighbors & other concerned locals – we all questioned the traffic which will most definitely be made worse with this development and their TWO exits. Ridiculously we were told that there would be no impact on traffic. Yet, there has been much traffic there already – we often can’t get out of Ruta Ct during morning traffic as it is. Plus, we all know that Long Lots Rd from that end is highly traveled by commuters, student drivers going to Staples, parents driving to Staples, Bedford & Long Lots as well as school staff and is often used by emergency vehicles. The project will most definitely cause more traffic issues, plus it is ridiculous that the front buildings were built so close to the street. BTW – zoning for elementary school will be Long Lots School from there – where would a bus stop?