Pics Of The Day #614

Downtown Westport at Christmastime — as seen by Lynn Untermeyer Miller.

(Photos/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

18 responses to “Pics Of The Day #614

  1. Unfortunately , every year the Town does less and less to dress up for Xmas. Very lack luster. I just came back from Delray Beach , it made the top 30 list of Xmas towns using a little more effort. I wish Westport would do more to encourage the Holiday Spirit.
    Merry Xmas to all….

  2. The beautiful grande dame old Y building guarding the entrance to Westport downtown. Lovely to see and remember.

  3. Lynn’s photos R awesome!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  4. Beautiful photos: “Christmasy” enough for me – very sophisticated and meaningful.

  5. Beautiful pictures

  6. I agree with Bonnie–the christmassy aspect doesn’t overwhelm the sweetness of the season and the town.

  7. AND the photos! Gorgeous.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous photos!! Bravo Lynne Miller!

  9. Philanthropic by sharing your artistic photography
    with your love of our town year round 💥❗️
    Lynn you epitomize the real meaning of Christmas always by giving of yourself.
    You are one of the very special gifts of Westport 🎁 💥thank you. We adore you✨
    May you and your beautiful family have a joyful Christmas🎄

  10. Beautiful Art

  11. Wonderful photos Lynn

  12. Beautiful photos. I’m excited to share them on Facebook so friends cans see why I love it here.

  13. Beautiful‼️

    Sent from my iPhone Bobbi


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