Pics Of The Day #614

Downtown Westport at Christmastime — as seen by Lynn Untermeyer Miller.

(Photos/Lynn Untermeyer Miller)

18 responses to “Pics Of The Day #614

  1. Unfortunately , every year the Town does less and less to dress up for Xmas. Very lack luster. I just came back from Delray Beach , it made the top 30 list of Xmas towns using a little more effort. I wish Westport would do more to encourage the Holiday Spirit.
    Merry Xmas to all….

  2. The beautiful grande dame old Y building guarding the entrance to Westport downtown. Lovely to see and remember.

  3. Lynn’s photos R awesome!!!

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  4. Bonnie Bradley

    Beautiful photos: “Christmasy” enough for me – very sophisticated and meaningful.

  5. Beautiful pictures

  6. I agree with Bonnie–the christmassy aspect doesn’t overwhelm the sweetness of the season and the town.

  7. AND the photos! Gorgeous.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous photos!! Bravo Lynne Miller!

  9. J Scott Broder

    Philanthropic by sharing your artistic photography
    with your love of our town year round 💥❗️
    Lynn you epitomize the real meaning of Christmas always by giving of yourself.
    You are one of the very special gifts of Westport 🎁 💥thank you. We adore you✨
    May you and your beautiful family have a joyful Christmas🎄

  10. Beautiful Art

  11. Wonderful photos Lynn

  12. Joyce Barnhart

    Beautiful photos. I’m excited to share them on Facebook so friends cans see why I love it here.

  13. Beautiful‼️

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